Companion Planting Guide, a Free Download of Plants’ Best Friends

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Free Vegetable Companion Planting Guide.

Just created tons of friendship bracelets so our house is all about friendship. Then I had a chat with my gardening friend here. We started talking about which plants like to stay next to which other plants. Kind of like plant friendships…

Which let me to develop this free downloadable companion planting guide. This chart on plant buddies shows you which plants like to be planted next to which plants.

Companion planting helps with making plants stronger. It makes their fruit tastier and helps repel nasty insects your plants don’t like. It also helps attract bees, butterflies and other friends that help pollinate your fruit and veggies enhancing your crop. They’ll grow up with friends and you have less work in your garden for a better crop.

Companion planting is actually really easy, it merely means that you have to start with a plan in mind. And this is where I have taken the pain out of that action by creating for you (and me) this beautiful companion planting guide. Print it out and put it in your gardening journal.

Free Companion Planting Guide

Companion Planting Guide, a Free Download of Plants’ Best Friends

Click the image to download your personal chart.

Tip: laminate this table for ongoing pleasure of seeing happy plants grow.  Keep this downloadable table handy in your gardening shed.

Recommended Reading

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Let me highlight 3 books on companion planting:

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For some serious gardening, with info beyond plant co-location, this book almost an encyclopaedia of basic life skills and it is so fun acquiring these. Kind of discovering what grandpa knew….

Vegetable Gardener’s Bible

And then there is this highly recommended, favorite book : The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!

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Happy reading, happy gardening.

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