Clay Roses :: Easy to Make


Craft handmade polymer clay roses to embellish just about anything from cakes, cupcakes, picture frames, soaps, boxes ~ you name it. Here’s how!

handmade roses painted

Make pink roses, purple roses, blue roses, black roses, yellow roses, white roses… any kind of color roses you want. You can use this gadget indefinitely. And then paint all the roses you made.


OK. I confess. When I saw this little blue rose ‘thing’ I was like “What’s this? Did I order …. this???
small blue rose mold

You are kidding me. So small. Bla bla bla..…” My mind started off on a negative track…. and it carried on and on…

… until ….

… I decided to figure out how to use it. I popped open a pack of DAS and put enough self-drying clay in to fill the cavity of ‘this thing’, which is officially called a silicon mold.


Well. I TOTALLY changed my tune when I turned it over. By simply pressing the back of the mold the most detailed little rose landed on the table. Amazing!!! It was so precious, so delicate, so much detail, so perfect.


I never used a silicon mold before, as you can tell, so this was quite amazing to me.

darling diy clay blue roses :: fine Craft Guild .com
I varied the amount of clay I put in slightly and they all came out … just a tiny bit different. I noticed if you put a lot of clay in the mold, you’ll create a larger flower with better defined outer petals.

We immediately made a bunch of roses! It was addicting! It looked as if I had spent the whole afternoon detailing miniature roses.


I pulled some wire through their core so they could be come handmade rose beads, optionally. But, they ended up on a lovely rustic cardboard gift box. Maybe the next batch of roses will get painted and cored, so they can become a necklace.

I think these rose-mold roses will find their way throughout my house and creative life. That’s what I am predicting. Roses have so much meaning and are such powerful reminders of love, that it will be nice to have them around … everywhere!

DIY Incence Burner w Blue Roses

In fact, after I decorated this little heart box with those pastel roses, I just could not stop there. I have an incense burner that is highly practical but it has advertisement on it and that bothers me. So, I decided to pop a few clay roses to decorate the incense burner and cover the brand name. All inspired by nothing other than some other blue / off-white objects I have on that desk, I painted them and made a row of love blue roses. Fabulous. Great make-over that was oh-so fast!

incense burner :: Fine Craft Guild .com
incense burner blue roses  :: Fine Craft Guild .com
incense burner blue roses  :: Fine Craft Guild .com
The Silicon Rose Mold

Here’s the secret in the box. Actually, giving this mold, in a box like this with some sample roses on top would make in fact a great XMAS gift. So creative, and well, really inexpensive!

rose mold

This miniature rose mold is one of the goodies that I received free from Wholeport to try and play with and write about. For the minimal cost of $1.99, I can highly recommend this silicon rose mold. You won’t be disappointed using this mold, and probably not with any of their molds.


Wholeport Craft Supplies :: Silicon Molds

After playing with this small rose mold, I requested more molds to work with. I will write about these later. And in the meanwhile,  here is are some samples in their silicon molds range.

1. Flower Cake Decorating Mold

Chrysanthemum silicone mold – food grade. This mold is a tiny bit bigger than the mini rose I am describing above. Each flower in this mold is just under 1″. Also only $1.99/mold.

Use it for cakes or for other crafts.

2. Owl Soap Mold

For the owl-obsessed among us: how about some owl soap?owl_soap_mold This incredibly detailed soap mold is designed just for soap making. It’s temperature range is –20 to + 70 F.  It’s size (given in mm) is probably about 2.5 x 3.5”, roughly.  Costs $9.99.

Present these owl using some of our unique gift wrapping ideas, and you got yourself some Anthropologie-quality & –type gifts for the holiday season.

3. Cookies Mold

Use this very-fun Cookie & Candy Shapes Mold for polymer clay, clay or resin. You could probably cut the cookies really thin and then use them into scrapbooking projects also.   


That’s it, folks!


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