Circus Tent Embroidery Pattern


2022. It’s going to be the year of embroidery at FineCraftGuild. I am getting ready to publish 4 clown and circus embroidery patterns that would be great to feature in a child’s room. Enjoy.

They’ll be saying, Live, Love & Laugh. And what the last one will say, will be a surprise for now.

I tried to keep it simple with just a handful of colors or so, and no more than 140 stitches wide. This is what the first one would look like. Feedback wanted. What do you think of this design?

Too many stitches? Like the colors; don’t like the colors?

The series is intended for a child room, not too ‘girly’ / pinkish so that it can befit a boy’s bedroom also. But nonetheless lovely and friendly. So, that explains my color choices.

I personally have little time, so I thought that 140 stitches across would be the max.

I made the design sort of round-ish, so that they will look good on a pillow, in a frame, or hung up in a nice wooden embroidery hoop…

Circus Tent Embroidery Pattern

The patterns will come be presented in a .pdf, and be both in color and in b/w symbols. This way, you can use them no matter what- even if you don’t have a color printer!

So, contact me at contact @ if you’re interested in obtaining the pattern.

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