Chunky Knit Pillow Pattern

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If there’s there anything cosier than your favorite knit sweater, it’s your favorite knit pillow! This pillow is so lovely to cosy up with. But making yourself a comfy is just one of 6 reasons why you need to get yourself this chunky knit pillow pattern. Read on to learn more.

Chunky Knit Pillow Pattern

So many ways to love this chunky knit pillow pattern. Here are 5 more:

1. It’s a Fast Project

This is a pillow pattern you can knit up in a couple of hours.

2. Chunky Pillows are The Trend

Knit pillows are trendy now. As a minimum, a bold chunky knit pillow like this will give your sofa a new look. If you have a leather sofa, it also brings some softness to leather. Beautiful little touches, like the oversized wooden buttons, add luxury.

There’s nothing like a pillow to change the mood and look around of an entire room. From style to style, as well as from season to season.

3. Easy Pattern for Beginners

Are you new-ish to knitting? You’ve come to the right pattern: this truly is a beginners knitting project. I’ve written up the knitting instructions in plain English.

You’ll use the two most basic stitches in the knitting universe.

4. Knit Pillows as Gifts

Like the idea of Christmas knitting? Then perhaps you’d like to brighten your friend’s home with this cosy hand knit pillow.

5. Great Yarn Stash Buster

The knitting pattern offers you several yarn suggestions. You can either make a really expensive cushion. Or knit a luxury version of this pillow. It’s all in the yarn that you select for this project.

I personally always like to look in my own yarn stash to see IF I happen to already have a suitable yarn. Often what will happen as a result is that I find at least one suitable yarn (that I would have bought previously on sale), or I spot a fun yarn combination. I love happy surprises like that.

Ready to give this Pillow Pattern a go?

Get an instant download of this chunky knit pillow pattern here at Ravelry:


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