Chunky Infinity Scarf Pattern

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I finally designed a chunky infinity scarf pattern. I’m so happy as I think it turned out fabulous! The knitting pattern could not be easier!

super chunky infinity scarf knitting pattern ::

I was inspired by all the chunky infinity scarves I saw in London during London Fashion week. Did you see the grey infinity scarf in my article on Trends in London Fashion Week for Fall/Winter?(It’s the last slide in the slide show). This charcoal grey chunky infinity scarf is representive of many that I saw. Only this scarf shouted: “Make a pattern for a scarf like me, because I am the easies beginners scarf.” And so I did.


Super-Chunky Yarn

The yarn I used for this hunky chunky infinity scarf pattern is quite unique.  I believe it is a blend of different yarns, which may even be recycled yarns. I will never know the facts because I  bought this yarn in the shape of a long, fringed scarf at my Italian fashion market where they sell fashion samples.  I did not like the ultra long scarf with the fringe, but I loved the chunkiness and color scheme of the yarn. I decided to simply buy the scarf (really cheaply) for the yarn and make something else with it.

This amazing variegated, hand-spun, olive-green – pearl yarn  has been  waiting and waiting for me to get ready. And now, 2 years later, I finally knitted up my super – chunky yarn into a beautiful, useful object.  While enjoying a lovely sunny Fall afternoon in the garden. 


super chunky infinity scarf knitting pattern ::

Here is my scarf, and note the thin-thick yarn in the foreground.


Given how fast my yarn dried after washing, I suspect that the majority of this yarn is made up of acrylics. But the fiber contents may vary between the thicker and the thinner strands.

super chunky infinity scarf knitting pattern ::



London Fashion :: Chunky Infinity Scarf

The yarn used in the scarf featured in my London Fashion Week pret-a-porter article is ; 100% acrylics, but I prefer a wool blend so as to retain that lovely softness of these contemporary fibers but with added warmth of natural fibers. 

However, if you prefer this look, all you need to do is use ‘regular; chunky yarn and your resulting texture will look like this instead.  In fact, this scarf is made with two strands of rather ordinary yarn.


Scarf Size Matters

super chunky infinity scarf knitting pattern ::


My brand-new infinity scarf is shown here by a young teenager. She  gets to wrap the scarf double around her neck.

super chunky infinity scarf knitting pattern ::

But really, I designed and knitted it for me! And I wear like this, in a single wrap around my neck. On me, it does not fall as low as on the girl. On me, it’s much more of a neck –warming scarf, that is so comfy to wear. In the picture, it’s a bit stretched and falls like a collar… If you stretch it upright however, it wraps more around the neck. Yes, this guy is verrry stretchy. And in the pattern I will show you how to make all variations possible, so that it will sit, just the way you like it.

Chunky infinity scarf womens knitting pattern ::

BTW. If you stretch the scarf upward, the scarf looks like the first photo and sit like a cowl around your neck. If you stretch is length-wise, the scarf will sit like a collar on your shoulders. Mine even fit around my shoulders, but I like the two looks I am showing best.


Infinity Scarf Pattern

So, come make your own infinity scarf. Let me show you how easy it is.


super chunky infinity scarf knitting pattern ::

It is very simple to make and you’ll be done in an hour or a bit more. As a bonus, I also included variations you can make to this base infinity scarf pattern to make your scarf look more like the grey one I found downtown London, or just the one YOU LIKE.


You can find the .pdf knitting pattern for this infinity scarf in my knitting patterns shop.

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