Make Your Own Original Christmas Trees Alternatives!

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Don’t have a Christmas tree yet ? Perfect! Save the planet and style your home beautiful at the same time. Why not make your own original Christmas trees alternatives?

For example, using Christmas decoration as tree alternative is far better. They make adorable ‘Christmas trees’. When hung on the wall. Plus you can complement your stash with some new decorations on a dime.

Christmas trees decorations

Like this? See many more below!

Materials for Christmas Decorations that are Alternative Christmas Trees

There’s no limit to the materials you could use to make your own alternative Christmas tree. I’m instantly thinking of things you could use to create an Christmas Tree that you quite possibly already have laying around:

  • Apples or Oranges – Dried Slices
  • Burlap
  • Branches, of any kind
  • Candy, e.g. candy canes
  • Christmas cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Coffee Filters
  • Colored Fabric Birdies
  • Cotton Balls
  • Crochet Doilies, Edges, Shape; stiffened
  • Craft Paper
  • Cut Cardboard
  • Cut-out Letters along a Spiral Metal
  • Cloths Pins
  • Decorative Balls
  • Embroidery Hoops on Wall with Green Fabric
  • Fabric Wall Hanging
  • Felt
  • Folded Book Pages
  • Folded Doilies, stacked and painted
  • Folded Fabric Cones
  • Metal Curls from Coat Hangers
  • Paper Mache over a Cone shape, covered with music paper, and glitter and doodles
  • Picture Frames, Grouped in Tree shape
  • Pinecones, stacked, glued, grouped
  • Plain-white Paper Shapes
  • Planks
  • Polka Dots
  • Post-it Notes
  • Guilled, with Curly Branches
  • Quilted  from Fabric Pieces
  • Rag pipe Cleaners
  • Recycled Bottle Bottoms
  • Recycled Bottle Caps
  • Ribbons
  • Stamps/stamped
  • Sisal thread
  • Socks
  • Sticks
  • Stickers
  • Stockings
  • Tilted books in bookcase
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Useless but pretty objects
  • Wire and beads
  • Wood slices
  • Wrapping paper

List © 2011-2023

Look over my list, and let your own creative juices flow to decide what you could make.

Original Christmas Trees Alternatives

Here are some ideas…

Pretty Fountain of Christmas Cheer

Christmas decorations

Glorious Christmas tree from tulle balls on a golden stand. This is image is from a 1959 out-of-print Whitestone publication ‘how to Christmas’ book. Will probably be in the 1958 version as well.
Christmas Tree Collage from Useless but Pretty Objects

This Christmas tree shape collage is very good way to show off your souvenirs, thingies, letters, and fun pictures.

Christmas trees

by Dutch designer Jane Schouten at All the Luck in the World (

Christmas in a Pot

christmas decorations

An sweet pink Christmas tree in a pot from pin / red decoupaged wood sticks.

Originally intended as a Valentine’s tree by ThenSheMade, but I’m not bothered by that. Would be a perfect Christmas decoration for a girl’s room.

7 simple planks hammered on an 8th plank, with some hooks for toy ornaments.

 100% recycled, but could be mistaken for stacked ice-cream cakes…SONY DSC

I suppose it requires a bit more Christmas-y decorating to be a perfect 10/10.

Squiggly Christmas Branches ~ 1

3 curly branches in a tall glass vase and hung with natural, crochet and other lightweight Christmassy things.
Not a Christmas tree, but says ‘Christmas’ nonetheless.


Christmas Tree Ladder

Repurpose that year-round useful home decorating ladder to be your Christmas tree this year. Hang present and ornaments in groups.

Put a star on top, I’d say.

By Lisa Wohnen und Dekorieren

Squiggly Christmas Branches ~ 2

More Squiggly branches decorated with seed balls and accent Christmas lights. Cute, but the balls and the lights make it look a bit like you’re in a disco place…

bean ball xmas tree

Christmas Toy Tree

20 twigs from the garden with a hole in the center. Glued onto a central metal wire or wooden stick and placed on a flat piece of wood. Cute, but there’s no space for decorations.


Spaghetti  Christmas Tree

I dig this sooo much.

I have seen many varieties of these in shops here in Rome, Italy. Why? 
It’s a painted pasta Christmas tree. How great is that!!!


Hawaiian Christmas Tree

Arguably the most unusual Christmas tree alternative: stacked hula girl skirts….ribbon-ed with Christmas lights….

Great reminder of warmer weather throughout the festive season..

hawaiian xmas tree doecdoe 

By Doecdoe

Calling all green ragpipe cleaners for a new job: be a Jolly Christmas tree ornament this year. String on red or silver beads and hang from a short string loop.

pipe cleaner Christmas tree
xmas origami tree

Craft Stick Christmas Tree

You need: 6 wooden craft sticks, green craft paint, some sequins and a few bitty bits of glitter rag pipe cleaner.  Oh, and a toddler to make this for you.

craftstick christmas tree

Rubber Stamp Christmas Tree


… there’s a story to this one… see below…

Letter Tree
grow a Christmas tree

On thick clear plastic

White Silver Leaf Tree

No Christmas tree, but sure conveys the snow winter mood of Christmas. Quite pretty. Only need some spray paint and a walk into your garden or the park to pick up some oak tree leaves.

by Real Simple

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

Glue on the ruffled edges of coffee filters, stick on some red buttons with pearl-topped sewing pins and glue on a craft star topper

to a cone-shaped foam centre.

coffee filter christmas tree craftsbyamanda
Delightful Twiggs  Christmas Tree
christmas tree

During the day you can’t see it’s a Christmas tree, but in the eve, it sure is a delight on the porch.

by Lisa (Says Why Ben says Yup


Inspired to make your own Christmas tree-alternative?

These are great trees to make. Now, you don’t have to do what they did, of course. There are so many materials you could use, and so many themes you could pursue.

My inspiration this year is …polka dots!

One thing I like is to take one style/material/theme, and then apply that theme/imagery/color scheme/style for all the Christmas tree items for that year.  Like the year I fell in love with this polka dot tree. It’s just a stamp.  See it printed, really enlarged, and see collaged upon with your favorite family photos and hung on your show wall in the living room. Continue the theme of polka dot Christmas tree on all your holiday entertainment items: stamp it on napkins, table runners, tea towels, glasses, vases, Christmas party invitations & dinner table place cards, guest soaps… etc. This Christmas card below took me < 4 min. to create and post. Gotta love stamps. Get your own, and get a couple. Sorry… I’m getting carried away! ha ha.

Over to you

You’ll be loved by Mother Nature – and your kids – if you go this route of making your own original Christmas trees alternatives! And you might surprise yourself how creative you actually really are! Give it a go!!

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