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I like to add some new Christmas ornaments to our collection each year. I had been doing that for years. But, with my frequent international moves, it hasn’t make sense to hang onto Christmas ornaments other than the best and real keepsakes. Last move, I gave a couple of sets away. So, the reality is that this year, I have very few Christmas ornaments in my collection. Something needs to be done: knitting!!! So you can imagine that my eyes lit up when I spotted these Christmas ornaments knitting pattern sets.

Christmas Ornaments Knitting Pattern Set of Fair Isle Balls

These Holiday Stars and Ball Ornaments in red and white will add a wonderful pop of color to your tree! Knit them

and use them year after year, for if they fall, they will not break!

Designed by Laura Bain

Pink and Purple Christmas Ornaments Knitting Pattern Set

This second Christmas ornaments knitting pattern set is really a collection of patterns that I grouped together. I posted a few years back. Do you remember? At that time, my color choice was rather avant-garde. Or ‘off’ – depends how you look at it. Right now the shops are full of pink and purple Christmas ornaments. But that may not be the case in a year or so from now…. ;-) Just change the color to yellow or so, and you’re good to go. It does not matter, as long as they are all compatible.


Get your set of knitting patterns here: How to Knit Christmas Tree Ornaments

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