3 Christmas Crafts for Quilters

Christmas Crafts, Quilting

Here are 3 free patterns and tutorials for Christmas crafts for quilters. These projects result in personalized seasonal gifts and beautiful decorations.  Not only will they keep your hands occupied with fun small projects.  They will lighten your load this coming Christmas of things to make and prepare.  Some of these projects you can bring to the beach, others you can do in the garden or on the porch. But for all, you’ll need a sewing machine handy… unless you want to do things the traditional way: by hand!

Christmas in July Crafts

1. Free Quilting pattern for a super-easy, but oh-so-cute quilted Christmas tree

quilted christmas tree sewing pattern

Idea & photo credit: Patchsmith.

Finished size:  5″ x 8″.

Scale the pattern for different sized Christmas trees to make a mini forest.

This is an ideal project to use up quilt test squares created when trying out a new quilt pattern, or other quilting remnants. You need the equivalent of 12″ square, per scrappy tree.

Cut up 3 pizza wedges of your top fabric and 3 of your lining of  6″ width at the bottom x 10″height, (1/4″ seam allowance). Quilt your 3  top fabric wedges onto 4 oz. poly batting. Hot iron-press your wedges.

Sew a quilted wedge and a lining wedge together at the bottom rim (aka the pizza-crust-end … lol) of the triangle.  Now you have 3 diamonds. Working from the inside, sew them together, from the centre to their points, leaving a small opening. Turn over work.

Add buttons to taste.  Smile. Enjoy your tree.

As you know, I’m all about using Alternative Christmas Trees instead of living ones, this project is meant to be featured here at the FineCraftGuild.

2. Free Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern

christmas stockings quilting pattern

You’ll only need a 1/4 yard of scrappy fabric for this Scrappy Christmas Stocking Quilting Pattern.

Stockings such as these are a great way to change your color scheme for Christmas without making it too invasive, so that you have to get an entirely new set of Christmas decorations.

The quilting gives a luxurious look to an otherwise classic Christmas item. A fun project to make. Great opportunity to try out a few new stitch patterns, if you are so inclined. Or sew them straight up, or… buy fabric with a quilted print and get these done in 15 min flat.

What irks me is that with the free pattern no longer on Craftsy.com, I have no way of knowing who actually designed this.   If you want to make this, you can simply look at the picture, and add 1/4″ seam allowances for each of the blocks and make them relative to eachother.  

There are plenty of Santa stockings pattern shapes online freely available, but again, as this does not have to fit anything but your own living room decor, having an approximate shape variation that you like is just fine.

3. Star Christmas Quilt Block Pattern

Lone Starburst Paper Piecing Templates

While colors  in this Lone Starburst Quilt Block Pattern by Six White Horses are already ‘just gorgeous’, I can see a different version of it in pastel grey, yellow and blue, making this into a stunner for our Christmas decor this year.

Decorate the hallway with a frames star block, or use it as the front of a pillow.

Submit Your Creative Plans for the Holidays

I love to hear about YOUR knitting, crochet, sewing  & other craft projects, as I am doing a round-up of  Best Holiday Crafts projects you are/will be doing during the holidays this year. I’m sure many readers would love to see your work .

Best Holiday Crafts

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(Howto: Holiday Greeting Card)

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