Be Safe when Decorating your Home for the Holidays

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Holiday Decorating Mistake #8 to Avoid:


safety netThink Safety, Ahead of Time

Don’t leave candles unattended. Don’t let Christmas lights be a safety hazard, but inspect the lights for any loose bulbs or protruding wire.  Also, use cord covers if you have pets or toddlers around or expect other young visitors.

Avoid ‘leaving small decorative items in reach of toddlers and babies being able to crawl near stairs.

Avoid using fresh-cut evergreens with lights or near open flames.   Use a guard in front of your fireplace.


Holiday Decorating Tip 8:   For safety’s sake: walk through your house ‘with your safety hat on’ and make safety adjustments in each room so all family members and (little) guests will be safe when you are not looking and busy entertaining during the holidays. 



…. Tip 9. Don’t Live it Up in the ‘Wrong’ Way.

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