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We all want to keep our traditions (of baking and eating a lot of cookies) but expand our repertoire without too much hassle and ado as we’re busy already?? That’s where this Christmas Cookies Recipe Exchange idea came from. If you post your own favorite one below in a comment, I’ll add them to the article over time.

The Christmas Cookies Recipe Exchange – features

1. Mini Gingerbread Houses on Cups

gingerbread house cookie

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2. Letter Cookies Recipe

3. Egg Nog Cookies

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4. Pumpkin Cookies

If you think that Pumpkin is only for Thanksgiving, think again. These pumpkin cookies are delicious throughout the seasons.

pumpkin cookies recipe

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5. Melted Snowman Cookies

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6. Ice Crystal Vanilla-Butter Sugar Cookies

A favorite cooky to bake for Christmas. It’s a versatile dough recipe is to use for other holidays too. Enjoy decorating them! Now ‘that’ s a tradition in my family. Get the Recipe:

7. Dutch Star Cookies on Cup’s Rim


People think of wind mills and tulips when they think of Holland, but I think of groovy design. This Star cookie that sits on the rim of your coffee cup being a case in point. Isn’t it fabulous? Unique, easy, practical, crisp, golden brown, delicious ( made with REAL butter) and not too big either. Super simple recipe of 100g sugar, 200g butter and 300g flour, spices or flavouring to taste. 30 min, 140 C.

By Hanneke at De Gulle Aarde

BTW. those of you who are into cookie making should check out this Martha Stewart free cooking making app for their iPhone/iPad.

8. Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Cranberry white chocolate recipe

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9. Snowballs Recipe

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10. Christmas Cookie Recipes

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Bonus. Apple Roses Cupcakes Recipe

Beautiful Rose-Shaped Dessert Made With Delicious Apple Slices Wrapped In Crispy Puff Pastry
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Bonus 2. Chocolate Reindeer Donut Recipes

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These cookies look so real and homemade.  Sometimes it’s better when things don’t look too perfect, but instead, look perfectly delicious and made with love. This line up of true and tried homemade cookies recipes remind me of home growing up as a kid. I sure did not measure my sprinkles, nor mind a splash of food coloring. ‘The more the merrier’ was probably my motto most days, particularly when it came to the sweeter bits in life. 

These cookies come complete with recipe and a personal Christmas story.

I bet you have all seen our post on 17 Christmas Cookies, Breads and Cakes that are pretty ‘n’ delicioso . You will find some more of our previously featured recipes there.

Want even more Christmas Cookies Recipes? Then read on, as here is the…

Christmas Cookies Recipe Exchange

Over the 7, nearly 8 years I have been blogging, I have accumulated a few Christmas cookie recipes. I will add them to the linkup below. And I hope you will add yours as well.  Come on, let’s have a link fest.

If you have made something else other than creating Christmas cookie recipes, than you can link these up in the linky party below the Christmas cookie recipe exchange link-up. Show off your other creative works of art!  

ps. Don’t forget to link back to the party or this blog’s home page from your blog post or homepage.   Linking back is the only party rule, albeit that it is obviously a great idea to check out everybody else’s wonderful Christmas cookies recipes!

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Happy Holidays to all! ~ Rose

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