“Not too late yet”, says our site sponsor, greeting card specialist TinyPrints. Still plenty time to get gorgeous, personalized photo holiday cards made and delivered in time.

“Plus” they say …. “two more days left to get 20% off” their gorgeous photo holiday cards. Given their top quality, professional designs and outstanding personalization, they’re reasonably priced to begin with, so have a look, be inspired, order now, and get another thing crossed off your list.


Best Deal on Holiday Greeting Cards

reindeer_xmas_cardsAre these ‘darling’ or are these ‘darling’? christmas_card_scrappy_postcard

You just wished you had a kid looking as cute as these to pop onto your postcard…

But beyond this, even with me & my hubby in the photo, these cards are priceless.

Asphoto christmas card I’ve been travelling so much this year, perhaps the travel –themed card is perfect as I can stick a few more photos into those stamps.

Having said this, this Chinese lacquered red card is so beautiful that it would make a perfect keepsake to hang into the receiver’s Christmas tree …


I honesty don’t know how they do it, but the Tiny Prints Studio Basics Holiday Cards  are starting from just $.69 each!   And they have more than the basics… : AWESOME Christmas Cards

and more.




Christmas Cards Deals & Coupons

the best deal ever:

These are great discounts, and there are others, such as daily deals. So, click on either these promo links,  or the ‘Be Merry’ card below and hop on over to have a look to see which ones you like, … love, … adore.  


2 more days left for their hefty 20% discount.

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