Create Cool Kids Furniture w Stencils (Tutorial)

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** How to Stencil Furniture. ** Lovely. Fun. Doable. Those are the three worlds … I mean words…  that come to mind when I saw this dresser make-over. You love it also?

 animal stencils

Image source: Lena Corwin, via Etsy.

Create Cool Kids Furniture w Stencils (Tutorial)

Free Tutorial On Hand-Printing Your Cabinet

This design & tutorial for this contemporary, whimsical dresser is by talented artist Lena Corwin (

Materials Needed to Do this Dresser Stencilling Project flower stencils

   * A piece of furniture to stencil, (old pieces should be sanded or stripped)

    * white latex primer paint

    * white semi-gloss paint

    * contact paper

    * a contrasting color of latex paint

    * roller paintbrush, pencil, craft, knife, scissors, painters tape

    * to download those lovely chubby moose and their animal chums


This free DIY tutorial (via Etsy, but no longer available there, which is why I am making it available to you here.). It comes with free downloadable flower designs and animal stencils. The stencils are easy to use: print, cut and apply.

Printing by Hand

Lena is also author of Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens. This furniture stenciling project is one of the projects featured in this already very popular book.  This book would make a great gift, and I already ordered it for XMAS, yes, for myself.

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