Best Chic Easy Shrug Free Knitting Pattern: fits all!

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This shrug knitting pattern is one of many free shrug knitting patterns featured here at the Fine Craft Guild. It is an EAASSSSYYYY free knitting pattern. You would not think it’s easy to knit when looking at this lovely womens top, because this cardigan has a very sophisticated look. However, the pattern drawing below shows how easy it is & that you can knit this cardigan within a day.

easy shrug knitting pattern
Chic Easy Shrug Free Knitting Pattern

If you want to make this shrug in the featured (recommended) Lionbrand Fishermen wool yarn, this cozy and oh so soft shrug will be your favorite item for any cold day. However, you could opt for a lighter version choosing a different yarn and you could wear it in the garden on nippy evenings. This tweed shrug has easy sophistication; A soft and good looking addition to any outfit.


Instead of a regular needles, use circular knitting needle size 9 (5.5 mm), 29 in long (73.5 cm) to accommodate the large number of sts. Work back and forth on circular needle as if working on straight needles.

lionbrand_fishermens_wool_yarnShrug Knitting Pattern Yarn Choice

  • 100-Percent Pure Virgin Wool
  • oh-so-soft feel, warm, naturally weatherproof
  • This yarn is great for felting once it is machine washed and can also be dyed
  • American-made bulky fiber makes quick work of large projects like beautiful afghans, shawls, fisherman sweaters, or throws.
  • containing natural lanolin oil in a nature-inspired shades: Natural, Oatmeal, Brown Heather, Nature’s Brown, Oak Tweed (featured in picture) & Maple Tweed.


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Alternation Suggestions

Sizing: It appears that this shrug fits a size 8/10 well.  While the pattern is meant to be a one size fits all, it’s possibly more realistic to add more to width and length by picking up stitches. For example, one reader has enlarged the pattern to 60 x 40” instead of the 44×35”. Note however, that with some wear, it will start to drape a bit more at the back without adding stitches. Alternatively, if your shrug does not come out the way as hoped, consider going down a needle size (8 US), if you are a loose knitter.

Tips for Shrug Knitting Pattern Variations

  1. Roam through your stash of remnant for random stripes.
  2. Add a crochet tie closure to partially close it whenever you want. You may even want to add some beads at the end of each tie.
  3. Use seed stitch instead of ribbing on edge. This will have a big impact, as seed stitch lays flats, while ribbing shapes.

Overall: this pattern is very easy to make & a fabulous look!

First posted in 2012.

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