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DIY Dressers – Series of fabulous makeovers turning hand-me-down dressers into stylish one-of-a-kind furniture, upcycled and restyled.

I love hosting this recycled furniture collection! I started out with just 10 fabulous dresser designs that really inspire us. Now the series features DIY dressers in all kinds of styles.

The addition I want to show you today is this shabby chic version of a chevron dresser. I think the green is a fresh contrast with the white, without the whole being too bright nor overly loud.

Although it will be hard to overlook this great dresser in your living room. It’s best to see this as a texturing element, offering excitement in an otherwise perhaps too-timid room. The green/white stripes are also perfect for beach house décor schemes.

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DIY Dresser Tip

Note how the stripes are only covering the center front. The top, sides and legs are left distressed white. This white framing of the chevron stripes helps keeping it in proportion.

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