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Nap times, drives and afternoon strolls in the park will become a lot cosier with free crochet pattern for a chevron baby blanket for car seat, buggy or stroller.

The textured chevron ribs of this easy-to-make crochet baby blanket are created by working in the back loops of the stitches in the row below.  That’s the trick! And it’s a significant trick as babies like textured things. So now, these ridges do not only look nice, they feel nice. A happy baby, a happy you.

Creative credit photo & pattern: BreeAnna, String with Style, at Blogspot.

What’s important is that this blanket will keep your baby or toddler both warm and save in the car seat. Buggy or car straps are to be buckled on under the blanket for safety reasons. You can make little straps to attach your blanket to the sides of the car seat or buggy. But be sure to not jeopardise the functionality of the safety seat.

This chevron blanket is beautiful design and it’s actually super easy-to-make. These textured chevrons give an interesting, modern look, adding both thickness and structure to your blanket.

Chevron crochet patterns are sometimes searched for by other names, like ripple blankets or zigzag patterns. It’s all the same thing.

How to Make a Ripple or ZigZag Blanket

While looking impactful, how you make your work look like a chevron is really simple! This is how it is built up: a straight line of the same stitches in the stitches of the row below. (say 5 st). Then, make 3 of those same stitches in to 1 st below. Followed by the same number of stitches (i.e. 5) one in each stitch of the row below. Repeat.

I say, ‘the same stitches’ because you can choose to make this in sc, hdc, dc or even tc. All work exactly the same.

Easy Chevron Blanket Crochet Pattern

To make a blanket, you first should determine what size you’d like your blanket to be. A regular car seat blanket is about 61 cm long and 55 cm wide, while a stroller of buggy blanket is a bit longer, and about 71 cm long and 56 cm wide. These are approximate sizes. In reality, they come in all kind of variations of this.

What Yarn?

You probably will want to make this in a pure acrylics or an acrylics-blend yarn, so it’s washable. It’s a blanket for outside, afterall.

In terms of yarn weight, I’d go with worsted weight or Aran weight yarn and a crochet hook US I/9 or 5.5 mm hook*, your gauge will be in the area of 14 -16 stitches per 4″ or 10 cm. * go up or down in hook size as needed to get a good gauge.

You can make wide or narrow zigzag-section. I’d go for sections of say 5 st. per zig- or per zag- line. And I’d make 5 total zigzags into the width of a baby car seat blanket, and assume that we’ll add a border row or so around the entire blanket at the end.

The Chevron Crochet Pattern

Now, calculate the number of stitches and rows you need to get the desired dimensions for your car seat blanket: ((5+3+5+1 st per zigzag) * 5 zigzags) + 4 stitches (for first and last two st), or 74 st.

(Double check: If your gauge is 14 st = 10 cm, then you’d want < 77 stitches in zigzag width for your blanket. Ok. We’re good.

Chain 74.

To get the texture that you see in the blanket in the picture, you should work in the back loops only. And you’ll need two rows for every ‘ribbing’. If you don’t want the texture, then take the whole stitches in the rows below instead (like you normally would).

Row 1: Starting in 2nd ch from the hook make 1 hdc, sk 1, * 5 hdc, 3hdc in next st, 5 hdc, sk 1 ch. Rep from * till end. Sk st. before last st, 1hdc. TOW. ch 1.

Rep row 1, till your blanket reached the desired height.

That’s it! So simple.

Don’t give up too early. The zigzag effects starts to kick in at about the 5th row or so.

Striped Chevron Blanket Pattern

Experiment with the stripes. Make rows in multiples of two per color. For thinner stripes, go for 4 rows per color, or even 2. For color blocks, break your entire blanket up in 4.

Blanket Edging

Dependent how you chose to do your striping, go for 1 or two colors, using the same st as you’ve used in the main pattern. E.g. if you made this pattern in a hdc, use hdc’s for your edge. If you’d make it in a dc, use dc’s for your edge.

Safety warning: ensure the safety of your car seat is not compromised by the way you use your car blanket.

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