Delicious Cherry Chocolate Cake Recipe


:: Cherry Chocolate Cake Recipe :: Today, I would like to showcase one of our international readers from Osnabruck, Germany,  who writes in German at Meine Kochlust (translated: my love for cooking). I am lucky enough to have studied German in school.


So when she posted a recipe in German for a super-delicious-looking Cherry Chocolate Cake, I thought to do everyone a favor and translate it for you in English *.   Let’s build connections across the globe through food, shall we?!

cherry chocolate cake recipe :

Cherry Chocolate Cake Recipe

– English Version


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Looking at the ingredients list,  my dear readers, this is a very chocolate-y chocolate cake! You’ll love this cake. I wont’ tell you all the ingredients that go into this cake now. Let me just hint that it takes a full pound of cherries!  And a whole bar of dark chocolate, plus extra cocoa powder … Oh, and hazelnuts and other delicious spices!

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Serving Suggestions & Tips for this Cherry Chocolate Cake

It’s best to make this cherry chocolate cake with fresh cherries. Fresh cherries remain firmer in the baking process.  You can use cherry preserves instead, when cherries are not in season, but you might need to adjust the recipe slightly, to deal with the extra liquid of the preserved cherries. 

Personally, I relish the idea of the added organic orange rind to the recipe. With the allspice and mace added, I think it would actually make a fabulous recipe for the winter season!   I’d serve this for Christmas or Thanksgiving….  (wink).

I’d serve this cherry chocolate cake with whip cream, vanilla ice cream and a few fresh cherries for decorations.  Oh, man…. I can’t wait to come for dinner at your house if you’ll make this for us all!


Image credit: Meine Kochlust  (recipe in German). Recipe creator unknown.  Given the way it was written, I have a feeling it’s from a cookbook. No matter what: thank you, Meine Kochlust, for sharing it with us!!!!   OK. That’s it for the feature of the week: Meine Kochlust’s lovely cherry chocolate cake creation.



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