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Hi Everyone. Happy Monday.  Today no Tammy, but nonetheless we have a post on home décor, i.e.  centerpieces ideas with fruit and vegetables. I have taken the helm again till Tammy is back on board to continue her monthly home decorating post made exclusively with recycled or reused materials. Today I’ll show you fruit and vegetables centerpiece ideas. 

All three fruit and vegetables centerpiece ideas I have developed for this demo are beautiful, budget-friendly and health-boosting.  Centerpieces can benefit from a clear theme. However, sometimes a subtle ‘theme’ will do.   The different  vignettes to show you how versatile this idea is of decorating with fruit and vegetables is to embrace your own style, and how quickly and easy you can build them  up.

Fruit & Vegetable Centerpiece Ideas

How to Realize Themed Fruit & Vegetables Centerpiece centerpiece ideas :: how to decorate with vegetables and fruits Ideas

On my living room table I created a jolly chicken-themed centerpiece.

The produce I picked up from the farmers market was too much for my fridge.  I combined that with the cherry tomatoes from my garden.

You can go to Crate and Barrel or Nordstrom and spend a small fortune on centerpiece vases, but really, you don’t need to.

The arrangement is made on an oversized square white serving plate that I received free from a neighbor who was clearing some clutter.  My mini- kitchen collection of cute chickens lends the white accents needed to make the fruit look more colorful.  The chicken are actually functional kitchen pieces: the two small ones are salt and pepper shakers, while the larger rooster is an egg timer. I bought nothing to make this a show-off; besides my edibles, that is.

I used recycled glass jam pots to give height to the apples at the back.  The bananas curve around the jars towards the back as I find they are usually overpowering a fruit arrangement.

It has been looking so happy and abundant since I made this on Friday. It has put a smile on my face.  (Yes, I dare to decorate with chicken in Fall as well as Easter. )   Today I added the potted cilantro plant (also from the farmers market)  as we’ve been picking at the arrangement all weekend! 

Great way to make your family eat more fruit and vegetables is to have them readily available and present them in a really attractive way!

The Second of the Fruit & Vegetable Centerpiece Ideas features a Squash.

centerpiece ideas :: how to decorate with vegetables and fruit ::

This arrangement is in the middle of my large kitchen window sill but it could have been anywhere else.  The theme is simple. Textured glass, texture pot, ‘textured’ background, textured tea bag ‘cabinet’, textured background. All b/w, which is why this centerpiece works.

The mini butternut squash is the prized possession sitting on top as a winner.  It sits on a wreath that I made with a branch from one of my my olive trees back in Italy.

I love the joyful recipes for happiness and success on the tea bag dispenser.

Again, a highly functional vignette as I can snip that chive anytime I need to at some to the pot. The squash can be replaced with another vegetable when the squash gets its turned to become a lovely pasta dish.

centerpiece ideas :: how to decorate with vegetables and fruit ::

The last of my centerpiece ideas trio is a combination of interesting drying branches from my garden, with fresh vegetables. Again, this third centerpiece is both attractive as well as functional! It’s a drying station for my garden plants that were VERY popular with BEES.  I am making a big effort to keep the seedpods and replant them next year.  They are drying and ‘stored’ in this arrangement.

Secondly, this windowsill is cool, and an ideal place to hold the overflow from my fridge…. My mini vegetable garden produced a couple of green peppers and a mini gourd.  They are in. I added some of my wild mint as well.  When placed in water, mint first grows roots and then keeps on growing. Ideal kitchen garden plant to have! 

Furthermore, our organic vegetable delivery had a couple of corns in the cobs.  I saved the husks to place into this flower arrangement.  And, as the window sill is cool, the remaining corn cobs will live there instead of the fridge.  They extend the centerpiece and create an easy, natural flow.

The sprigs of wheat on the right are an Italian souvenir. Every new year, Italians give friends and neighbors 3 sprigs like this tied with a red ribbon. It’s symbolic for wishing you an abundant year ahead.

Use whatever you have on hand and what has meaning for you.


And there you have three very different centerpiece ideas that are made with fruit and vegetables as well as reused or recycled  materials.


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These three centerpiece ideas show you how to show of your fruit and vegetable garden in your home.

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First published in October 6, 2014. Updated 2024.

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