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Beautify your porch this Fall with a flower waterfall. You can actually implement this marvellous gardening idea  year-round, to give your porch, garden or terrace a lift.  This abundance of flowers set in a cascading bucket planter will put a smile on your face, even when it rains! Yes!!! We need it! Let’s do go it!

(note: this article is for those of you who are not into Halloween home decorating| garden decorating (I don’t blame you, it’s a lot of work and only useful for part of the Fall season).

diy tilted bucket planter

My Quick 1,2,3 How- to Make a Cascading Flower Planter

1. Drill holes in the bottom of each bucket, and place an old broom handle in to all of them, (or a metal pipe, more durable) to keep them in position.

2. Fill them with earth/potting mix. You could add rocks at the bottoms of the buckets (particularly the lower level ones) to help keep them more firmly in place.

3. Smallest buckets go on top, biggest buckets at the bottom. That’s just common sense. Ditto with the plants in it. Make sure your blooms grow lavishly by giving them some extra nutrients every week. Meanwhile, keep an eye on their relative weight to avoid top-heavy and maintain a visual balance.


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What to Plant in your Planters for Fall

1. Grow Fall flowers, such as:

2. Organic Fall Vegetables!

Pink Hammer came up with cascading buckets full of flowers. However, organic food gardener as I am, may I suggest you try planting some, if not all, of your organic Fall vegetables in these buckets instead. What do you think?!  Here’s a deal:

“Fall Back” 10 Organic Vegetable Seeds to Plant in Late Summer.
In Gift Box.
E.g. Get yourself some  Swiss Chard; it is beautiful, healthy and delicious !!!

And get some organic Kale.

Usually a mixture of different plants works best for variety on the dinner table as well as visual interest in your garden. If the stack of buckets is near your kitchen, think about filling it partly with seasonal herbs.

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