Can Anyone Guess Where This is Going?

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Can anyone guess where this is going? It’s one of my first experiments with free-form crochet, but certainly not my first creation with crochet flowers!

Love how this is coming out… Just as glamorous as my inspiration for it.

Whom? Can you guess?!!

It’s this Oscar de la Renta jacket that I found on Facebook ‘Crochet How it is’ friendship group. I’ve been having a lot of fun there lately. Maybe time to start our own crochet group, but that’s a topic for another time. I have a knitting group already. Better get that off the ground first.

So, I am on this spree of designing summer clothes and hats, and yeah… this… is going to be the centre piece of a new Beret. Like that idea? It will be rather stylish. You’ll see.

But you’ll have to wait a few more days – till the weekend – for the pattern. For now, be satisfied with this glimpse. Leave a a comment below if you have any suggestions for improving it… Or if you like it already.

Have a great day!

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