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I’m sooo excited!! I received my first Christmas gift for the year from a fellow blogger and it’s something that touches my heart. I have been gifted a set of tools and techniques to learn calligraphy.

Learn Calligraphy Set

There are loads of tools in the set.

Learn more or purchase on Amazon

Learn calligraphy workshop :: FineCraftGuild.com

See, my handwriting is TERRIBLY ugly. While I love embellishing jars with pretty labels, my yucky handwriting tends to ruin things. I have a feeling that this workshop is going to change this all, and I am thrilled about it. So, despite tomorrow’s crazy busy-ness (Dec. 24: THE prep day for Christmas), I am going to try to find a moment to get started.

So, fingers crossing, over the next few days, I will be showing you my first workshop day output. And I’ll add some of my prior handwriting, so you can see if it gets any better… ha ha…

Also see this fabulous book as an alternative/complement the above, on Amazon. Calligraphy for Beginners + Course on the Theory of “Traditional & Modern Calligraphy”: Step-by-Step Learn History, Theory, Technique Together with … and Teens +Bonus PDF Practice Pages & Video 

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