Caffe Latte Popsicles Recipe

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Warning :: DELICIOUS Caffe Latte Popsicles Recipe AHEAD :: On a hot summer afternoon, you are likely to find Italians order cold coffee in their local coffee bars. This is not ‘day-old stale stuff’ but rather made fresh with the good stuff earlier in the day.  It’s delicious. Meanwhile, us North American folks tend to prefer a nice ice-cream or a popsicle on hot summer days.

Therefore, on this mid-summer day, I am sharing a recipe you can use for both: chilled coffee drinks and popsicles.

This is definitely one of those coffee treats to make at home which recipes you will want to Pin!


Caffe Latte Popsicles Recipe

Chilled Summer Coffee Drink

  • 6 espressos *
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1/3 – 1/2 cup milk
  • sugar/sweetener to taste.

Makes 6.


Coffee Cup to Popsicle – Conversion

  • An espresso = 1 oz.
  • A coffee cup = 5 oz.

So, you should get 1 1/5 of a cup full of espresso for this recipe.


1.   While coffee is hot, pour in the cream.

2.   Add milk and sugar/sweetener to taste. If you like your coffee strong (like a caffe macchiato), than add just 1/2 a cup of milk. Caffe latte fans are advised to add a bit more milk. Realize that popsicles need a bit of sweetness for flavor (to actually taste like a popsicle). So even if your drink your coffee without sugar, do add some sugar to this recipe.

3.   Place mixture in the fridge to cool. When cool, divide over 6 popsicles forms and place in freezer. Serve frozen.

Chilled Summer Coffee

Particularly if you add extra milk to make your coffee more like a latte, you will have leftover. Save this in the fridge for a mid-afternoon chilled coffee drink! Serve in a snaps glass. Verrrry Italian!

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