Butterfly Washcloth Knitting Pattern: great gift for new moms

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Hi all! I have a baby shower to go to this weekend, and so this week – instead of blogging – I designed a baby butterfly washcloth. Do you like it?

Just treating you some photos of it today. I will make a couple more of them as they make fabulous, face clothes or kitchen potholder as well. I’m titling this butterfly washcloth knitting pattern, but I have to finalize transposing my design from knitting charts into written knitting language. I will work on it this weekend and Monday. Expect the pattern …

Butterfly Washcloth Knitting Pattern by FineCraftGuild.com

What do you think?

This photo is before the blocking. I should have used smaller needles or thicker yarn, but … this is the reality and the photo I have to show you.

Regardless, I love how the butterfly came out.

While on a a dark surface, yarn variance is showing. But, when this washcloth is place on the rim of the bath in the bathroom, no one is going to notice any stitch unevenness! And with some washing, the stitches may even out. So, no need to be a perfectionist.

Embroidery vs. Intarsia Knitting

Then, I’d embroider the butterfly onto the surface when your washcloth is completed.  Doing it this way will You’ll get far more regular results.   

Butterfly Washcloth Knitting Pattern by FineCraftGuild.com

See, the antennae of the butterfly? I just embroidered these stitches on the top right (see arrow). They actually looks better than the intarsia knitting method.


Regardless, I recommend that if this you also want to work with yarn of different thickness — which is fun–, then first make the washcloth with just the pink border. And then embroider the butterfly knitting pattern onto the center of it. Allows you to work with a few more colors too. Overall, good fun.

Now, I have to remind you that these pictures were taken before blocking.  Blocking will have a very favorable impact on the look and feel of this wash cloth.

Butterfly Washcloth Knitting Pattern

  1. In my pattern, I’ll show you how to create this design in monochrome as well, but using simple stitch variations.
  2. As well, I will give you a couple of variant borders to choose from. You know me: my patterns are always very flexible and forgiving.

I am calling this a washcloth, but it could equally be used as a facecloth, or a kitchen cloth, as a page in a baby look book, a side of a toy cube, or a panel on a knitted baby blanket.

Yarn Needed for your Butterfly Washcloth Knitting Pattern

The yarn I am using is thin lace –making Egyptian cotton yarn. It leads to superfine, and a relatively small result. If you’d use the more standard cotton yarn, you’ll end up with a more standard sized washcloth, in the order of 6-7”, more or less square.

I will let you know when the final pattern is done. If you want to put your name in the hat as a pattern tester and get a free copy of the pattern, leave me a comment with your name, email and level of knitting experience in the comments below.

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First published April 17, 2015. Updated 2024.

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