Butterfly Soap

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Good morning everyone. I just want to show you this butterfly soap that I spotted. I came across it when I made my butterfly craft templates, downloads, tutorials and other ideas-article a while ago, and felt, this gentle, pretty butterfly deserved a little posting all on its own…

A treat for your eyes, nose and.. the skin.
This type of handmade soap bar is called a cameo bar, and is of the “looks good + smells great”-variety. The soap maker called its colors ‘Raspberry Lemonade’.

This inspirational handmade soap is by Daisy Cakes Soap’s Shop. To make your own, here’s a range of lovely butterfly soap molds.

The Art of Soap Making

Each of these butterfly soaps is made by hand, one-by-one in their own unique mould.

They used a mild vegetable glycerin base (cleanses skin but didn’t dry it out). It has ‘a gentle pH neutral glycerin base that cleans, leaves no soapy film behind, contains no alcohol, and has a terrific lather!’ they say.

handmade Soap

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