Butterfly Quilt Block Pattern


This gorgeous Butterfly Quilt Block Pattern is something to add tomy free butterfly craft ideas and tutorials collection.

Isn’t it just so happy, Spring-like and perfect to be turned into a million different sewing projects, from the front of a bag, to the center piece of a quilt, or perhaps as a repeated pattern for a quilt. Ohh, the possibilities.


It’s a beginners level pattern which requires basic quilting skills such as rotary cutting, piecing. Appliqué and embroidery are optional (perhaps you could use a pre-quilted white fabric..?)  No matter what, this will turn out darling!

It’s a good pattern, btw with a fair number of step-by-step diagrams to help you figure it all out.

Dragonfly or Butterfly Quilt Block Pattern ?

PS Initially I saw a butterfly in this design, but with a slight variation, of extending the length of the wings, it would become a dragonfly. And then, you’d have 2 variations of your design. Perfect if you want to repeat the pattern. I’d use a slightly different color scheme for the dragon fly too, to accentuate the different motif. Actually, it would not be that hard to create a third center piece motif, such as a ladybug …. And then you have 3 motifs.  Make 3 of each and you have a good size 9 block quilt! Wow. Each finished block is 12 inch by 12 inch, so you do the math: that idea will give you what I consider the ‘perfect’ size quilt: 36 x 36 inch.

Fun hey?! What I just so relish about quilting… the miracles of repetition! It always work. Anyhow, hop over to get your pattern, while it is still free!

It’s designed by Jacquelynne Steves.