3D Butterfly Granny Square Crochet Pattern

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I have been working on this: a butterfly granny square pattern. A few weeks ago, one of my readers asked if I could upgrade this free butterfly crochet pattern into a butterfly granny square pattern.  So I did. And I am pleased with the result.

FREE 3D Butterfly Granny Square Crochet Pattern by FineCraftGuild.com

FREE 3D Butterfly Granny Square Crochet Pattern by FineCraftGuild.comYou got to love granny squares as they work up so fast and look fun and retro.  What’s particularly blissful about granny squares is they are a number of small projects that can then be looped together into a large piece of work, without you having to lug that large piece of crochet work around with you.  A granny square crochet project fits nicely into most handbags and can be pulled out at any moments.

And so there you have it:

My butterfly granny square crochet pattern!
crochet_butterfly_gran_squa Finished.

The final granny square looks like this, with a happy scallop edge. Now it’s a project on its own.

I had to redo the work a couple of time before I got the spacing and the color scheme right.

3D Butterfly Granny Square Crochet Pattern

I thought to treat you some close-ups of the wonderful effect of the 3D butterfly in the pattern:

The scallop edge not only gives the square that ‘finished’ look, it also makes for easy linking of granny squares in case you want to make a larger piece of work with it.

And a view from the other side ….

FREE 3D Butterfly Granny Square Crochet Pattern by FineCraftGuild.com


Borderless 3D Butterfly Granny Square butterfly_granny_square_wip

This is what the butterfly granny square looks like before adding the final border. I  often put a crochet project on top of a pillow as it makes the most fantastic pillow appliqué, I believe. What do you think?

Great Applique’

I can equally see this as the front of a happy Spring/summer tote bag in a repeated pattern, or as a single applique’ adorning the front of a (little/big) girl’s bag. And of course, it’s the perfect size for a kitchen potholder as well. So many good ideas…

Either or with or without the scallop border,  the granny squares can easily be crocheted together with a contrasting color in between.

Get the pattern

Click here to go to the actual pattern:

3D Butterfly Granny

The first 35 downloaders received their pattern FREE, albeit that some feedback on the pattern is expected. And, it would be lovely if you would post an image of your project. And thank you in advance for being a pattern tester.

(Notes: 1) the pattern link may take up to 24 hrs to become active, although usually it’s quite immediate. 2) the butterfly crochet pattern is now included in this butterfly granny square pattern)

Butterfly crochet pattern by FineCraftGuild.com

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