Butterfly Crafts for Kids :: Crochet Pattern

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This delightfully crochet butterfly crafts is just so happy. It is an easy crochet pattern for you. Think ten of these! Hang them up as Butterfly Wall Decor, or as a mobile. Decorate your kids bedrooms with them. They are striking and whimsical. Or maybe attach these to a handbag or make them as key fobs as gifts? This crochet butterfly is definitely something to add to our long list of things to do with your bitty-bits of leftover yarn.

This crochet butterfly also goes great with any crochet flowers you might have already made, and are also darling to embellish pretty much anything from quilts to decorative pillows to bags.

Easy Butterfly Crochet Pattern

One more to add to our long list of free crochet patterns featured on this blog… You’ll love this butterfly pattern. It’s made in just a few minutes…& Because it is so adorable and such a small project, it’s also an easy butterfly crafts, aka a cool crafts for kids. And if you want to use this pattern to teach a teen how to crochet, just stick to the butterfly. You don’t have to add the granny square if you don’t wish.

butterfly crochet pattern

Easy Butterfly Crochet Pattern

what is a magic loop in crochet?

The pattern start with a magic loop. As one of the readers asked, let me explain: What is a magic loop in crochet? Just look at this picture. If you add this loop onto your hook and put your round 1 stitches in them, then at the end of round 1, you can pull the tail and ‘magically’ close the loop. In this particular butterfly crochet pattern, you do not pull the magic loop all the way closed, but leave a (reasonably proportionate) open center.

Note: there is a right and a wrong way to put the magic loop onto your crochet hook. If you put your magic circle on, the wrong way, you’ll find that you’ll undo the loop when making your first crochet stitches. Dah… So, then, you’ll put it on, the other way around, and it will work like a charm. Ehh.. like magic. Yes, it really is a magic loop even though so incredibly simple.

(Update: March 2015:)
The butterfly pattern is now incorporated in this wonderful 3D butterfly granny square crochet pattern that I just finished. I am so thrilled how it came out.

The first 20 people downloading the pattern get it free: the whole thing: the gorgeous, double-layered butterfly + the colorful granny square. So go grab it now:

3D Butterfly + Granny.

FREE 3D Butterfly Granny Square Crochet Pattern by FineCraftGuild.com

And… make variations on this theme. Vary colors, sizes and shapes. Experiment. That’s the fun of this pattern.


Butterfly Crafts for Kids :: Crochet Pattern

BTW. There of course a million other ways to create crochet butterflies. If you are interested, there are many more butterfly crafts featured at FineCraftGuild. Follow that link and enjoy! Here are the additional free butterfly patterns, designs and templates.

Butterfly Crafts for Kids :: Crochet Pattern

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