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Summer markets, country fairs, flee markets & antique markets are ideal locations to pick up materials to make your own unique bags. This burlap messenger bag is made from a burlap farm animal feed sack, an old belt plus a scrap of off-white demin for lining. This feed sack was found in a US antique mall by Megan from Crafty CPA.

Burlap Feed Sack of French Vintage Tea Towel ~ What’s the difference?!

Farm animal feed sacks are not as readily available in big cities as they are in the country, but do not despair. Yesterday, at Paris’ world famous flee market, Marche aux Puces in Porte de Clignancourt, I saw French vintage tea towels in the exact same style: lovely simple lines.

Sew two of these together if no burlap animal feed bag is available in your very urban area either. If you really want a ‘rough fabric’ bag, then check your post office if they have book-grade postal bags …

Or, check out the excellent deals you can find here on Burlap Fabric. When you buy plain burlap, you can add text and design with some transfer paper later. This makes working with burlap a lot less time consuming as you cut out the ‘hunt’ and you make what’s in your mind!

Feed Sack Messenger Bag DIY How -to

french vintage tea towels messenger bag

1. turn bag inside out and sew triangles in the bottom corners to give bag depth.

2. cut one side of the bag till your desired height of the bag.

3. cut other side of the bag till your desired length of bag flap.

4. line bag with stiff lining such as demin for structure.

Alt: add a bit of batting and do some ‘along the lines’ quilting for additional strength & structure, particularly if you opt for the alternative Vintage French tea towel-route.

5. Cut belt about 8” from the buckle. Carefully sew belt using leather needle on your machine or punch holes in leather on either side and hand-sew handle. Tip: light weight fabric need light-weight straps, and heavy weight fabrics can be matched with heavier weight straps such as this thick leather belt.

burlap messenger bags

sources:  Burlap Messgenger Bag: Crafty CPA

Vintage French Tea Towels (did not take a picture of the tea towels I saw, but they are like this): The Comforts of Home


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