Burberry Clutch Bag ‘Petal’ – Inspired Tutorial

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:: Burberry clutch bag – inspired DIY :: Everyone has seen the Burberry folded clutches, called ‘Petal Flowers’ in their Spring/Summer 2014 collection?!! These slightly A-symmetrical floral Burberry clutches are beautiful and really trendy! The bag design is rather non-traditional for the conservative Burberry bag brand: Use it as a handheld clutch or wear it with the modern slim shoulder strap. Burberry made it in gorgeous solid Spring colors.

Contrast this with the classic plaids in beige, black, white and red that Burberry is known for. Furthermore, and most unusually, these bags are crafted with some rather inexpensive material: vinyl. The appliqued flowers are always vinyl and come in different colors.

The bag body is in either leather or vinyl. Vinyl bags? Burberry? Yes. OK. Their flower clutches are so lovely. Have a look and you’ll see what the cuteness is that I’m talking about. Would you like to own a bag designed by Burberry, or one inspired by Burberry and made by you?

burberry cluth bag

Photo credit: Burberry

The Real Deal, a Burberry Clutch Bag

Burberry Bags: Petal Burberry Clutch Bag - inspired DIY


ovely, hey?! Wanna know the Burberry price-tag? $895 for these all-vinyl bag version (picture above), or $995 for the deerskin fine leather bag with vinyl flowers (photo below). For the deerskin bag I can imagine that price. But for a vinyl bag that price does not seem right. While this bag is really lovely, at the same time it is so ‘crafty’. At least, Burberry’s vinyl flowers are hand-appliqued. But if you make your own bag inspired by Burberry, then yours will be handcrafted too! And I might just do that as I like a crafty-looking summer bag.

Photo credit: Burberry

Make Your Own Bag, Inspired by the Burberry Clutch Bag Petal

diy burberry inspired flower clutch

For those of us who are into being creative, something like this is an easy DIY bag to make yourself. Freeseries.ca created a petal flower template for you to download and showed how to cut and apply petal flowers to her version of the bag. She did not mention cost, but I’d say $15 or so.

Photo credit & flower template: www.freeseries.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/freeseries-diy-burberry-inspired-flower-clutch-template1.jpg

How-to Make your own Burberry-Inspired Fold-over Clutch

  • Make or buy a fold-over clutch.
  • Cut a bunch of flowers petals all about the same size and shape. Make a top layer and the bottom petal layer for each flower.
  • Place them in some sort of geometrical order, or random.
  • When they are in position, glue or stitch them, or attach them with metal fasteners.
  • Done.

Be chic this summer! Make your own flower clutch and go styling.
Tip: Learn about fashion and be inspired by fashion designers, but don’t make your bag EXACTLY like Burberry’s. That would not be cool.

What’s next?

Before I send you off to peruse the gazillion other bag patterns we’ve featured over the years, I am showing you these matching waist belts. I spotted them and thought ‘Gorgeous’. A similar belt would be fun to make too! It would make a matching set. Easy enough DIY also. What do you think? What’s your summer bag for this year going to look like?


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