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Oh, I think I now have about 125 Halloween Costumes featured on this blog. Check our Halloween Central for the latest tallyt. In case you wonder what I’m going be this year for Halloween: I’ll be dressing up as a Witch. Yep, a witch. I know it is a very non-original idea, but it is pretty much the only acceptable Halloween costume idea in Italy.

Fortunately, other costumes can be donned at carnival which is celebrated in February. But for Halloween, we don’t have a lot of options. Well, maybe we could go as a skeleton, but a witch is more my style.

Hence, I’m dreaming of dazzling Halloween costumes, now more than ever. And I guess, as I am getting more into the nitty-gritty of ‘what makes a good costume’.

bumble bee halloween costume
image credit | pattern used to be at iCandy-handmade at blogspot. Sorry, no longer there…

A Good Costume

The verdict is that THIS dazzling homemade Bumble Bee Halloween Costume qualifies as AMAZING!

Tons of details, loads of originality, inexpensive materials, i.e. felt sewn to a simple, but exuberantly-shaped top. (btw> Here is an inexpensive supplier for that darling yellow ball trim. You totally need it. The ball trim makes the costume fun and stand out.
And, last but not least: making the costume is do-able.

So, I am adding this to the collection of Girls Halloween Costumes.


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