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Budget Wedding Table Centerpieces do not have to look cheap! Here’s a howto tutorial for beautiful nearly-free centerpieces.


Hi, Fine Craft Guild readers… I am excited to share with you another recycled project.  Most of my projects have been done with glass and my last one was done on how to use your beverage recycled bottles to create a summer centerpiece. 


dome with birds2



Today I would like to share with you another way to use your food item containers …only this one is done with plastic. 



With Summer, comes summer weddings. We all know weddings can be very expensive. Flowers – table centerpieces for the guest tables can add up to quite a lot of money .

dome looking in dome


Here is one way you can create a wedding table centerpiece from either recycled plastic domes… You know, the ones you get when you purchase a individual cupcake or cake from the grocery store?

dome bottom candle stick

Or, if you look around, you can purchase 25 for around $11.00… That is enough to decorate many Wedding guest tables.


Also, using candle sticks this will create the pedestal for your decorative dome, which can be found at thrift stores for almost next to nothing, with a little paint to match the colors of your wedding.

  Dome candle sticks FCG

dome supplies

dome bottom

Taking the bottom portion of the dome container, fill it with your choice of flowers….


Here I used silk coral flowers and some faux succulents, which has taken front and center stage instead of flowers. 

Dome flower arrangement


Adding a decorative knob to the top of the clear plastic dome by poking a hole in the center and inserting your knob.

Dome knob

dome insterting knob


To cover the screw, take a piece of moss and wrap it around the screw. 

dome covering screw


Vinyl chalkboard label stickers are perfect for numbering your table  centerpiece. 

Simply take a piece of chalk and writer the table number, peel center on dome … You’re done!

Dome chalk board lable

dome with birds2



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