How to DIY Washi Tape Power Cords


I am donning out my entire desk area and my handbag content with some colorful little Spring details. All these unsightly black and grey wires for my various devices: they needed some help. How to DIY Washi Tape Power Cords. Don’t they look marvellous?

DIY Power Cords with Washi Tape by

DIY Washi Tape Covered Cords Tutorial

I know this is a tutorial site, so I should include this section.  However,  there isn’t much to explain:

DIY Power Cords with Washi Tape by

1. Work out the style / color scheme you are after for the area where the power cords are hanging or ‘stored’, such as your handbag or your desk. 

DIY Power Cords with Washi Tape by

2. Cut small pieces of Washi tape in that style/color scheme that are just big enough to go around your basic power cords. This varies by wire.

3. Have fun wrapping the tape around the cords and wires around your desk and in your handbag.

DIY Power Cords with Washi Tape by

These cute Washi tape dispensers are from one of my favorite shops in the world, the HEMA! Cost next to nothing. Always a lot of fun browsing there for trendy thingo’s. It’s a Dutch shop, which is now branching out into major train stations around Europe. I spotted one in Gare du Nord when I was in Paris in January. And since mid last year, there’s one in Victoria station in London too. So, if there’s one in your neck of the woods, be sure to pop in! You’ll love it. In the meantime, check out these (perhaps even better) Washi tape rollsthat you can simply order online.

4. Send in a picture. I want to see yours too!

DIY Power Cords with Washi Tape by

Happy Saturday, folks!



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