Boy Halloween Costume Ideas

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:: Boy Halloween Costume Ideas ::

‘That’s a nice fire boy!’ my niece exclaimed. And I have to admit: it’s hard to resist these absolutely adorable outfits for kids.

While they will enjoy wearing these costumes on Halloween at parties and for trick-or-treating, the costumes can bring hours of ‘make-belief’ play. Like this boy firefighting costume is likely to become a year-round make-belief dress-up costume.

DIY Halloween costume idea fireman firetruck :: FineCraftGuild.comAdd this handmade firetruck costume idea by to the elements of the other firefighter Halloween costume and you have a true winning ‘Boy Halloween Costume’ on hand.

fire fighter boy halloween costume

Boy Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are my ideas for Halloween costumes for boys:

  1. Star Wars costume *
  2. Harry Potter costume *
  3. SpongeBob square pants costume *
  4. Firefighter costume*
  5. Jamaican – Rasta Tam with Dreadlocks costume *
  6. Spiderman costume *
  7. Indiana Jones costume *
  8. Batman costume *
  9. Policeman costume *
  10. Dinosaur Costume
  11. Doctor Costume
  12. Spider Costume
  13. Alien Costume
  14. Skeleton costume
  15. Astronaut Costume
  16. Indian costume
  17. Cowboy costume ( **

halloween costumes boy cowboy

*: buy the ready-made outfit

**: here’s a free online tutorial or pattern for you to make your own costume


101 Halloween Costume Ideas

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