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This great kids bedroom will be someone’s dream come true: love the look, love the color scheme, love the travel details! For a fabulous girls/boys bedroom, make your own Union Jack Headboard – free video tutorial. So awesome!

kids furniture :: union jack head board tutorial

See that Union Jack bed headboard?

I know. It’s a must-have.

Learn how to make one here with this video tutorial.

Union Jack – Painting – Video Tutorial

  • step 1: measure your bed and either make with reclaimed or wood you already have, or have a piece of wood cut to size at your local hardware store.
  • step 2: apply a base coat with a primer or white paint. Wait and let it dry completely.
  • step 3: trace the outline of your union jack image. (make the cross about a school ruler-wide)
  • step 4: tape your motif with that great blue tape you find at Home Hardware to mask the areas where you don’t want paint. “ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape” is one of the brands but there are many. What’s important is that you press the tape down firmly (so that the paint can’t bleed).
  • step 5: paint the lines inside the blue taped areas color A (e.g. brown) and the ones outside the lines color B (eg. black)
  • step 6: let the paint dry. Peel the tape. let it dry some more.
  • step 7: put the headboard in position.
  • step 8: take a photo. Well done!

Tons of Tips to Make Your Own Union Jack Headboard

Tutorial Tip:  use this painting tutorial to either make this bed headboard, or a large wall artwork

Décor Color Tip: what is particularly good about Cristine’s bedroom project is that she chose colors for the headboard that tie in all the other colors in this kids bedroom. By taking the liberty of going beyond the traditional Union Jack colors of red, white and blue, she has created a more sophisticated and harmonious contemporary child bedroom. Excellent.

Decorating Theme Tip: the third thing I wish to highlight on how she managed to pull through the Travel theme in this bedroom (with the use of the globe (reinforced with the sky blue wall), the state embroidered pillow (seems like Cristine sells these), the Union Jack headboard, bed spread, suitcase, etc. ), without doing away completely with the personal items of the boy.  It is a mixing of themes that is acceptable and supported by the color choices.

Paint cost Tips: buy the small “tester/samples” pots of paint as that will be enough for this project. Really cheap!

Tip to get the super exact details of the union jack: (optional!)

I give the boy bedroom a 10/10, and this mom a feather on her cap!

photo | video by Cristine (who used to write at

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