Take advantage of these amazing Boxing Day Sales!

Best Craft Supplies

:: Great Boxing Day Sales for Creative People ::
Today is a day of many opportunities: sleeping in, shopping, and buying what you need that you did not get for Christmas!
Can’t help you with the sleeping in, but sure want to share these fabulous deals on craft supplies with you!

My favorite online craft shop is Craftsy. Are you familiar with them yet?! Try them out now. They sell both classes & supplies in the fields of cake decorating, knitting/crochet, sewing and quilting. Sewing & quilting are both big there and they have tons of fabric, on sale today!

Check out this Online Sewing Class: Recreate your favorite jeans without taking them apart. Couturier Kenneth D. King teaches this amazing class, full of couture sewing techniques. This 5-star rated workshop is now 20% off, only $25.50. What a bargain if it teaches to stitch together a new favorite jeans…. Anyhow, many more courses / workshops like this.

Knitting Supplies at Craftsy.com | Craftsy

Be sure to browse through their long list of courses while there. Their courses are also on sale!

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