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Today, I don’t just want to promote just one book, but rather a whole slew of them: Klutz Kits.

Their books are not normal books, but craft project books that often come with tools and materials to make the projects described within. My niece and I have come to look for their books at any North American bookshop.  They are truly a few notches up from any other craft book for kids that you’ll find out there.


fancy paper dress Klutz


Our Favorite Klutz Book


For  young girls who love paper dolls and how to make a paper dress, this craft book is an 11 out of 10:  Paper Fashions Fancy


What you’ll get with this craft book is:

1. A lovely ring-bound, colorful book filled with paper dress making ‘how-to’s, fashion tips and outfit design ideas, and gorgeous fashion samples.

2. three pages with many, many stencils and shapes
fancy fashion Klutz.

3. Tons of beautifully printed, solid and textured  paper that simulate fabric. These are sheets of sturdy gorgeous paper that simulate velvet, brocade, damask, satin, as well as simple cotton or wedding gown material. Imagine having an entire fabric shop in a book. that’s what this feels like

4. Tiny cloths hangers

5. Assortment of Ribbons

fancy paper dress pattern book
6. Gold thread

7. Sticky jewels

8. A pouch with beads, sequins and glue to embellish your fashion paper dress and its accessories.

Be sure to have some additional re-sealable clear plastic bags ready that can function as outfit storage while the kit is not played with. These handy pouches are necessary to keep all your biddy bits together. Every outfit will result in a set of 4-6 tiny items, and you’ll have to device a way to keep them together so they can be played with over and over again.

Paper Fashions Fancy : WE LOVE THIS BOOK.




Other Craft Kits For Kids

by Klutz


Some other top titles from the Klutz Crafts for Kids Kits:

  • Paper Fashions (Klutz)  – Turn colorful paper, ribbons and beads into glamorous fashion and accessories. All designs are completely customizable and the provided stencils will have you creating boutiques-full of outfits for shopping in the city, or heading to the ball. Miniature hangers are included so you can turn your designs into fashionable stationery, bookmarks, magnets and more. Bellisima! (Reading level; 9-12 years old)


  • Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style (Klutz)  – It’s a tool kit for any kid who wants to make nifty report covers, door signs, posters, birthday cards… whatever. Ten different illustrators created ten different handmade lettering styles, five plastic stencils — two complete alphabets plus assorted extras — to act as super-stylish training wheels. Its fancy-pants lettering as simple as A-B-C.( Ages 9-12)


  • Quick Draw Flip Books (Klutz) – To make this classic kid activity even easier than ever, Flip Books features several sets of perforated pages, each with a sequence of partially finished pictures illustrating a funny story. Complete the drawings in your own inimitable style. Tear out the pages, bind them with one of our custom clips, and flip them to see your art in action. It’s the Rip, Clip, Grip, and Flip methods, and it’s the coolest way to make a movie ever.(Level: 8 – 12 years)


  • Shrink Art Jewelry (Klutz) – A classic kid craft gets a high-style makeover. Simple step-by-step projects plus endless creative possibilities equals super-satisfying "did-you-really-make-that?!" results. Makes shrink plastic cool for teens, tweens and anybody else ready to design their own unique jewelry. It’s about time shrink plastic grew up! (Reading level: 4-8 years)


They are all good and worth your consideration. Click on the title links to learn more about each craft book.



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