Beautiful Bird and Birdcage Pillows DIY

Sewing Patterns

Did you see this fabulous bird pillow tutorial made by Bev from Flamingo Toes for us?  It’s a beautifully embellished pillow tutorial with lots of techniques and tips to get the ‘just so’ detail.




decorative pillows



This bird pillow is a match to two other pillows she’d just designed, one of a bird cage and another of a bee hive.  And how here is the news: she’s giving a set of them away!!! Believe it or not?

She’ll even let you personalize the numbers as the numbers she has chosen were her wedding date and her engagement date, or something like this.

(the front of the pillows; your set will have red ruffles however- see below).


decorative pillows

(front of the birdcage pillow, awaiting your personal number – this is my favorite)


decorative pillows

(the back of the pillow)




decorative pillows

Craaaazy Craft Give Away, Contest, Sweepstake or whatyamightcall it

And, if that was not enough, she’s adding an embroidered/embellished tea towel to it. Equally beautiful? It’s almost too good to be true. Hop over to Flamingo Toes and get your name in the hat. And while there, check out the rest of her beautiful blog!!

The giveaway will be open May 17 – 20. (We’re starting a bit early – just for fun. :)

Bev will announce the winner on May 21 (chosen randomly), in the morning and she’ll ship out the items on May 24. She’ll ship internationally – so everybody can join in!

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