Bina Wrap Pattern Extra: How to Roll Edges

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:: This free video sewing tutorial on ‘How to Hand-roll Fabric Edges’ is a Bina Wrap Pattern Supplement. Following the video is our FALL FASHION LINKY PARTY ::

One of my darling readers wrote ….

how to sew roll edges :: Free Bina Wrap Pattern + video tutorial :: Exclusive

She suggested to add this free video tutorial by to our free sewing pattern for Bina Wrap cardigans and other garments like this. The sheer tunic dress that I made recently could also be finished this way. Rolling the edges gives a beautiful and professional handmade flair to your fashion.

Free Sewing Technique Video Tutorial

How to Roll Silk Edges ~ A Bina Wrap Pattern Supplement ~

Sewing Tips for Rolling Edges

  • As you can see in this very simple video, your main ingredient in doing this is patience. It will take time and precise stitches to get a professional result.
  • Pre-roll the fabric so that it roll smoothly. Pin the fabric into the desired rolled-edge width before starting to sew.
  • Move your pins (and your guiding paperclips!) as you progress.
  • Be ultra-finicky with the corners. Note how the seamstress completes the entire side, before turning the corner, by 90 degrees. Your attention to detail will make a difference in the overall look of your handmade scarf, Bina wrap or other hand-rolled garment edge.

Good luck.


Bina Wrap Pattern

Bina wrap pattern and video tutorial :: Exclusive at

I previously wrote the free Bina Wrap sewing pattern in two long posts:

1) my initial Bina Wrap pattern – womens cardigan sewing instructions

2) Q&A and further sewing instructions to make your own Bina Wrap cardigan.

This page would be part 3) How to finish your Bina Wrap with professional rolled edges.

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