Bike Lunch Bag Sewing Pattern

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Finally, it’s riding time! Get ready to take your bicycle out, and bring lunch along. Here’s a free bike lunch bag sewing pattern to make your own.


Bike Lunch Bag Sewing Pattern 


The Quick 1, 2, 3 Howto

1. Measure the size of your favorite lunch box.

2. Cut your oil cloth in 3 pieces:

Piece A (the front). eg.  8" x 8" (or the size of your lunch box lid plus 1/2” seam allowance on all sides)

Piece B (the back and flap together) eg. 8" x 13"  (or 1 by 1.5 times the size of your lunch box, plus 1/2“ seam allowance)

Piece C (side & bottom of the bag): eg. 3 x 22” (or 2 times the length and 1 times the width of your lunch box, plus 1/2” seam allowance)

Bike Lunch Bag Sewing Pattern

3. Sew bag together, inside out.

4. Attach velcro to flap and to bag front panel as a bag closure.

5. Attach two velco strips on bag top to secure the bag to the bike.


Tip: Before you sew it together, include a sturdy, contrast-colored ribbon or cord which will make this bag into a wristlet. Or sew on a fabric handle at the top of the bag, between the Velcro strips. Useful for further ‘lunch portability’.


bike bags sewing patterns

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