Best Knit Hat Patterns for Women this Fall

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Best Knit Hat Patterns for Women this Fall: As I often do before sleeping, yesterday eve, I went browsing online and landed at Craftsy and in my blog archives.  I  did a round-up of pretty hats that are really unique: noteworthy, knit-able, have-able, and share-able with you here today. Most are free patterns, as well, I’m sure you don’t mind paying once in a while for a hat pattern, but it’s nice if you can find a freebie or two as well.


11 of the Prettiest, mostly Free, aka Best Knit Hat Patterns for Women this Fall

11 of the best knit hat patterns for women this Fall! Click on the images/links to learn more about it, and download the (free) pattern. Enjoy!


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Fur pompom hat knitting pattern

Fur Pompom Hat (beanie or slouchy)

Latest, popular design. Love it!  It was free for the first 70 or so people, and yeah, it’s now available for a small fee. Very affordable though. :-)

By Rose.


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textured cable beanie knitting pattern by Rose,

Lazy Cable Headwarmer

Versatile pattern of headwarmer that doubles as a cowl. Easy and fast project for beginning knitters.

By Rose.



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diamond beanie hat easy knitting pattern

Diamond Knit Beanie

This fun textured beanie is a quick knit. Rich in color and texture, it will be one of your favorite accessories, perfect for Fall weekend adventures.

This super cute cozy beanie has a stretchy fit and is knit in the round.

By Rose



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easy knit beanie bulky yarn free pattern


Easy Knit Hat

A favavorite hats, this neutral tri-color beanie is a classic. So many colors could be spun together to make other combinations. It’s such fun to see these quick makes come together. Knit in the round.

By Beccie B Creative



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Beanie  knitting pattern - Blue Waves

A slouchy hat with some cabling on the site. Simple enough for a beginners hat.

By Kristie Lau


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Foliage, one of the prettiest knit hat patterns in this lineup

Foliage Hat

Wowow. There is a lot going on here. Still only moderately more challenging vs. a beginner pattern, this foliage hat is a stunning result. I would take my best yarn out to make this, as it’ll be a heirloom thereafter. Or, a great gift for  a BFF.

By Irina Dmitrieva


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Free Knitting Pattern Fair Isle Hat

Free Fair Isle Hat Pattern

I featured this pattern a while ago and still like so much about it: I like the thought of the his & hers- coloring; I like the fair isle pattern which makes this into an intermediate level knitting pattern. And I like the fact that it’s a free knitting pattern.  The edging is very nice as well.

By  one of our readers, who blogged at ‘I like Lemons’, now downloadable on Ravelry.


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Hat Free Knitting Pattern, featured on FineCraftGuild

Hudson Riverfront Hat

This is one of those hats that looks so involved but that is actually super simple. Yes, really. It’s the yarn that makes it so special. Usually, Lionbrand’s patterns are rather mainstream. But this one is a real trendy head-turner. And I promise, it will be warm. Makes great gift.

By Lionbrand. 

As Lionbrand took down its entire library of prior patterns – much to my chargin!!! – I am posting my own copy of this pattern here to share with you: Hudson river hat pattern.


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Happy k - knit hat patterns

Happy K Hat

This looks like a cable hat, but it’s more like a blue spur forest hat.  Great color, interesting stitch work. Not too difficult, and yes, free pattern again.

By Pumora


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Schuyler knit hat patterns

Pretty Beanie ‘Schuyler’ 

This beauty is designed by Jennifer Burke for Manos del Uruguay, a yarn brand that I absolutely adore, and just spent $100+ on for the materials for a long coat.  Anyhow, stick to the knitting… lol.. We’re talking about a stunning hat here, with a lovely motif that’s repeated throughout, so that’s interesting but not too outlandishly complicated.

If you like what you see, download the pattern here:
By Fairmount fibers, Manos del Uruguay.

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