The 20 BEST Graduation Party Ideas

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Here are 20+ of the Best Graduation Party Ideas. They range from elegant flower table center pieces, to practical popcorn stands, to fabulous party lighting. They are not in order of greatness, but grouped by party aspect.

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Graduation Party Ideas for Decorations

Note: now that social distancing should be in place, you can still use these ideas to hold a small house party, with just a few house guests, or family only. We recommend setting up a Zoom party channel at a central location for overseas or interstate family members – think grandma and grandpa – who still want to be part of the party. A safe place in the kitchen could be a good spot. You want lots of people walking by and being able to stop for a chat.

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So elegant! – 20 of the Best Graduation Party Ideas


Graduation Party Centerpiece with Flowers

Color scheme: Silver with Mauve / Pink Color Pops

The 21 BEST Graduation Party Ideas by
By Pottery Barn

Graduation Party Ideas for Decoration: Tissue Paper Splendor

Use colored tissue paper to set up the color scheme for your graduation party and add instant dazzle. Here are some ideas for tissue paper tassels on balloons, on banners and a fab piñata-inspired graduation year sign.

- the 21 BEST Graduation Party Ideas by
By Pottery Barn

Color Scheme: Blues & Greens

tassels_balloons - the 21 BEST Graduation Party Ideas by
paper_tassel_bunting - the 21 BEST Graduation Party Ideas by
graduation_year_paper_wall_decoration - the 21 BEST Graduation Party Ideas by

Graduation Hat Box – Greeting & Gift Card Collector

Graduation Party Ideas: Jeans Photo Banner and table cloths

One of my readers held a graduation party with a cowboy denim theme. These are her pictures. It was held in a barn, and all the decorations featured denim. I love her denim and bandana strip photo banner, with photos from every school year. It is simple to create once you have the photos selected0. To make the denim table cloths is more involved. You have to cut up old jeans into squares and sew them together into long rectangles. It takes a lot of jeans to cover a table top. Let alone several tables. So, most likely, that project will require visit to a charity shop to pick up a couple of old jeans.

Color Scheme: White, Black & Gold

B/W Graduation Photo Wreath

Learn more:

Graduation Party Ideas – Advice Tree as Centerpiece

This advice tree as well as a thoughtfully written greeting cards can make invaluable gifts for graduates that become lifetime keepsakes, and sow the seeds of a successful life and career.

graduation_party_ideas_advice_tree - The 20 Best Graduation Party Ideas by

Graduation Party Ideas – Food & Drinks

Graduation Napkins Wrapped as Diplomas

Utensils rolled in napkins and tied with ribbon to look like diplomas.

graduation_party_ideas_napkin_diploma ::

Popcorn Bar

Make your own popcorn! This will always be a hit.

graduation_party_ideas_popcorn_bar :: Graduation Party Ideas
By The Party Dress

College Graduation Party Cap Drinks

When you see these, I’m sure you go: ‘Why didn’t I think of this?!’ So simple DIY party craft. Very quick to do.

cap_tossing_graduation_party_drinks :: Graduation Party Ideas

Tip: make the graduations hats in the color of your party theme.

Make Your Own Banana Pops Station

Diploma Cookies


Milk & Cookie Shooters

graduation party ideas milk cookie scooters - The 20 Best Graduation Party Ideas by


Mason Jars with Tags – priceless journey to paradise

No garbage nor landfill with these! Whoohoo. The jars wash easily in the dishwasher.  No thousands paper or plastic cups to throw out after the party.

Write a cute saying on one side and get guests to take their tags home.

tagged_mason jars graduation party ideas


Lemonade Stand Graduation Party Idea


lemonade_stand_graduation_party_ideas :: Graduation Party Ideas

By Eeuphoriaa

Festive Healthy Party Food

I love green and red pepper containers as that’s two less bowls to wash and makes for a great display. Grown-upy as it should be, it’s what kids should eat.

healthy_party_food_no_dishes_to_clean :: Graduation Party Ideas


How Much to Serve at Your Graduation Party – Chart


Party Ideas for Centerpieces

An elegant book stack! This can be a fun way to package your gift (card), or this stack of embellished books can be a Graduation Party centerpiece.


Festive Graduation Party Outdoor Lighting

Lighting for the backdrop…


Lighting on the tables

I love this silver stack of sprinkling lights! Easy and inexpensive way to have ‘fireworks’, with only a fraction of the pollution and all the fun.


That’s it for the BEST graduation party ideas – in 3 color schemes: black & gold, silver with peach, blues & greens. I bet many of these ideas you’ll want to steal immediately.

Have fun and congrats with your son/daughter’s graduation! Such a milestone to achieve.

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