Best Gifts for Fathers Day

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:: Best Gifts for Father s Day :: Are you pulling out hair on what to get the kids to make for Fathers Day? Don’t want to leave things till the last minute this year? Prefer not to have them make something on Father s Day morning…. ??? Read on!

best gift father s day

Best Gifts for Father s Day

That you can make and buy

Father’s Day gift ideas for 10 different type of fathers: ‘Pro Golf’ Dad, Nature-loving Dad, Cool, City-Slicker Father, New Father, High Tech Dad, Busy Executive Father, International Father, Single Dad and Dad, who’s Really Special.

1. For New Dads on Baby-cuddle Duty.

Large Quilted Hammock

This one is extra wide so that you can cuddle beside him too. A new family get together. Outdoors. At $199 price tag, mom gets to chip in as well as all the kids.

2. For Nature-loving Fathers | for New Dads.

market umbrella


Patio Market Umbrella

Decorative and functional Market Umbrellas shield your family from rays and raindrops. Adds elegance to your yard, patio or garden. What’s good about a market umbrella for Dad? He does not have to build that gazebo for family ‘al fresco’ lunch parties. Instead, he can just relax this summer, in the shade. $35 and up.

Complement this really nice gift, with some DIY gifts by the kids for their eco-conscious, nature-loving father: beautiful diy garden crafts, made with recycled materials.

3. Fathers Day Gift For the high-tech dad:


Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

Since buying a Amazon Kindle last year, I’ve probably read three times as many books as in several previous years combined. Current Kindle models have several advantages, one of which would be: best ergonomics. They also have the best features and quality. For example, since Kindle 2, the device syncs your library to your Kindle 1 and your iPhone. This means (with Amazon’s free apps), you can read a book on your iPhone while commuting, and continue reading that book home on your Kindle, and it will know which page you stopped before. Don’t want to read but still progress? In a rather soothing (electronic) voice, later models Kindle can read many books to you. And these are just some of the features. Priced at $119. [ .. Learn more ]

4. For New Dads with Baby-feeding Night-Duty:

Bathrobe for Men, from Ralph Lauren

What can I say: a great gift from a new mom to a new dad. I love the look, love the quality of Ralph Lauren, and love the multiple times he can use it: at night, on vacation, by the pool…  Worth every penny and actually ALL dads will love owning one of these.

Quality RL cotton bathrobes are typically around $80.

5. For All-Business Dads: MBA Degree in a Box

Fun & useful. Inexpensive at < $6.

samsonite golf trunk organizer

6. For the ‘Pro Golf’ Dad: Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer

Any serious golfer would instantly become more relaxed when golfing with this amazing, top-of-the-line organizer. He’ll come home in a good mood. At $37, it’s worth it!

7. For the Sun-loving Father: Bolle Anaconda Sunglasses

Really essential tool. $52 and up.

bolle sunglasses

cocktail shaker set

8. For the Cool, City-Slicker Father: Pro Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cocktail Shaker and Bar Tool Set


Sophisticated. $35-39.


9. For the Cool, City Slicker Dad, as well as the Busy Execute or Single dad: a MUST-HAVE iPHONE

A newly released iPhone cost several hundred dollars, but iPhone accessories are $1 and up.

napa leather ipad case cover

10. For the Busy-Executive Father Tuff-Luv Multi-view Napa Leather Case Cover for Apple iPad

Suits his personality & style. $57.

11. Executive or Design-Loving Dads: Multi-Device Charging Station

Charge up to four devices simultaneously. $49.

12. For the International, Frequent Flyer Father: Eagle Creek Travel Gear: e.g. Pack-It Folder 20 Organizer

Everyone who owns one of these, will agree with me: they are THE BEST.

And once you have them, you probably will use them at home too.

Get two. $30 each.

eagle creek travel gear

leatherman multitool

13. For Single Dads, Who Must Fix Everything: Leatherman Multitool with Leather

$58 – best multi-tool there is.


Tip: also consider the hammock for him for that well-deserved occasional hour of rest

wine cooler

14. For the Dad, who’s Really Special: Wine Chiller


Priced at $69. Present found. You’re DONE.

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