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Fathers Day Coloring Pages for Kids: A Fun and Meaningful Craft.

Here is the why and how, followed by 13 sites where you’ll find the best Fathers day coloring pages for kids.

Father’s Day is a special time to show dads how much we love them. One great way to keep kids busy and create a gift for dad is with coloring pages. Coloring is fun and helps kids learn too. Let’s explore how to make this Father’s Day extra special with some simple coloring activities. And if coloring pages are not your thing, here are a million other ways to create DIY Fathers Day Gifts.

Why Fathers Day coloring pages for kids?

Coloring pages are easy to find and free to print. They are a great way to keep kids of all ages entertained. Younger kids can practice staying inside the lines, while older kids and teens can enjoy more detailed designs.

Ideas for Different Ages

  • For Little Kids: Look for simple pictures. Maybe a drawing of a dad and child holding hands, or a big heart with “I love you, Dad” written inside. These are easy for little hands to color.
  • For Older Kids and Teens: Choose more complex images. Think about a dad doing something cool, like fishing or playing sports. Teens might enjoy pages with intricate designs, like a father and child surrounded by patterns.

Fathers Day coloring pages for kids: can bring the family together

We all want a dream story like my friend Sarah’s who wanted to make Father’s Day special for her husband. She printed out some coloring pages for her kids, Emma, who is 5, and Jake, who is 13. Emma chose a picture of a superhero dad, and Jake picked a detailed car drawing because his dad loves cars. They spent the afternoon coloring together. On Father’s Day, their dad was thrilled with the colorful pictures. He even hung them in his office at work.”

Ok. your 5 and 13 year old might not want to sit on the same table (at first), but, that’s not to say that making coloring pages are fun for both, and actually can bring them closer together…

How to make it special

Older kids could do their own thing, but I find that if things are set up as ‘it’s craft day today’ and I make a project table, changes of creative things being made are far greater. So:

  1. Pick the Right Pages: Choose pages that match your kids’ ages and interests.
  2. Gather Supplies: Get crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Have some glitter or stickers handy for extra fun.
  3. Set Up a Craft Area: Find a quiet place where the kids can focus on coloring.
  4. Encourage Creativity: Let the kids choose the colors and add their own touches.

Finishing Touches

Once the coloring pages are done, you can:

  • Frame Them: Put the pictures in a simple frame. It makes a nice gift.
  • Make a Card: Fold the coloring page into a card. Write a sweet message inside.
  • Create a Collage: If you have multiple pages, arrange them into a big collage.

i personally like to encourage a theme, of a creative project that matches the father’s day gift idea. I have for example made Fathers Day Gift tags , Fathers Day Bookmarks and Fathers Day Cards around fishing and golf, which then perfectly match a ‘free round of golf’, a set of golf balls, a golf hat, or similar.

14 Sites to find free Fathers Day coloring pages for kids

Here’s a short list of ideas for you:

FineCraftGuild. We’ve made this first Fathers Day coloring page design just for you, and your dad/husband.

Hallmark, the king of card making, also offers some free coloring pages.

They have those that honor just dad, while others help you celebrate all males in the family. Sometimes, all you need is a personalised gift tag.

10 sites to find Fathers day Coloring Pages for Kids - And not just for dads, it's for uncles and granddad's too.
10 sites to find Fathers day Coloring Pages for Kids - Number 1 Dad

DoodleArtAlley had over a 1000 designs, including half a dozen Fathers Day coloring pages.

The folks at SuperColoring think my way and also have themed fathers day coloring pages, like this one: dad at the grill. Love it.

This drawing is. by Lena London.

You can color it online, or at the kitchen table with crayons.

10 sites to find Fathers day Coloring Pages for Kids - Dad at the barbeque, feeding the family
10 sites to find Fathers day Coloring Pages for Kids - Dad and daughter playing horse

The Color‘s Father’s Day-themed coloring pages show dads, kids, blocks, animals, gifts, and awards.

What’s nice about this site, is that he kids could, optionally, color the pages online before printing.

Crayola’s site has a variety of Father’s Day-themed coloring pages. Here’s Father and son having a catch.

10 sites to find Fathers day Coloring Pages for Kids - Dad and son having a catch

Over to you

Father’s Day coloring pages are a simple and heartfelt way for your kids to show their love. It’s an activity that keeps them busy and results in a memorable gift for dad, while you get to get on with your other chores.

Whether your child is young or a teenager, there are coloring pages that will make this Father’s Day special. So, print some pages, gather the coloring supplies, and let the creativity flow! And… join them if time permits. Coloring is good fun!

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