Check out this Kids Bedroom Furniture DIY: a headboard


Love to make your own KIDS bedroom furniture? Love recycling? Splendid. Here’s another DIY project to make recycled furniture.

Victoria brought us, all the way from the gloriously wide and green Canadian prairies, a project  so worthy of showcasing. She recycled an old, broken basement door and made it into a stunning boys bedroom bed headboard. It simply looks … like it was always destined to be a headboard. In fact, it looks way better as a headboard than as a door!

Have a look at this before and after.

Kids Bedroom Furniture DIY: a headboard

recycled furniture bed headboard | Kids Bedroom Furniture DIY: a headboard

Original photos: by VixenMade. Compilage: by FineCraftGuild.

After:  fabulous bed headboard, akin to top quality kids bedroom furniture.

Before: broken basement door, ready to be recycled / thrown out.

Quick 1,2,3 Steps on How-to Make this Kids Bedroom Furniture DIY – headboard

From what I gather this was the simplest project ever:

  • saw off the door at the appropriate length,
  • add some leftover crown molding to close the bed headboard sides, and
  • cover with a few coats of white paint.

Now, what you do have to know, Vixen and her hubby are a handy team, and so to them, certain DIY projects seem so simple, whereas other people might not even know where to begin.

Source: VixenMade (

Recycled Furniture Ideas

I love bringing you ideas like this, as it makes the concept of recycling, reclaiming and reuse so much simpler and palatable.  Which kids would not love to get such a stunning bed head board made by mom and dad?  

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