10 Bedroom Design Rules


As a follow-up article on “how to create a flow of color and pattern in your home” I want to feature this amazing bedroom photograph, and share my …


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10 Bedroom Design Rules

All these interior design rules are demonstrated in this single picture. This bedroom follows all the design rules that I know of, which is why this bedroom interior design works so well. Most of these interior design rules apply to all rooms in your home, however, some are dedicated to your sleeping quarters only:

1. Stick to a tight color scheme. Less is more is better.

2. Layer your room with patterns and patterns.

3. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition:

  • Repetition of wood
  • Repetition of the gingham
  • Repetition of the black/white
  • Repetition of the many square  designs.
  • Repetition of the curved seat handles, reinforced by the curved in the bed.
  • Repetition of the strategically positioned circles just to keep the balance of it all.

4. Add some chevron for a contemporary flavor.

5. Add some ancient Arabic, or is it Greek patterns for some timelessness.

6. Use top quality materials to bring a luxurious feel to the room

7. Use an abundance of soft furnishings to give the room a cozy feel.

8. Make sure there’s an anchoring rug in your bedroom. This chevron bedroom rug does the trick.

9. Make room ‘color’-ful but not that busy that you can’t sleep at night. Restful colors and a simple color scheme are best for sleepers. As are dark rooms.


Bedroom Design Rules :: FineCraftGuild.com

10. Hide all clutter. Your home will look so much better without. That means: no half-finished craft projects laying around, ladies!!! Watch what you are making when you are making things. Are you making a mess?! (smile or frawn)?!

Photo credit:  hhbrady, houzz.com

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