Perle Beads Creations


Oh, and the things you can do … with beads. And I’m referring to those beads that are iron-able and shape-able into pretty much any thing you fancy, called perler beads.

beads ornaments


Creations Made with Perle Beads

Bratz NecklaceAfter you’ve made Zhu zhu pet food from beads, and a beaded jewelry set with necklace & bracelet for Barbie or Bratz, and you & the kids still haven’t ran out of steam, .. then here are some more Perler beading ideas for you:

  • Funky Bead Coasters for your kitchen or to cheer you up at your desk
  • Bead Frame (s) to match the coasters, also for your desk
  • Beads Ornaments, balls or stars, for the Christmas Tree of Year-round
  • Doll Rug for Barbie’s house ( I like that … very creative)

perle beads heart

beads ornaments

bead coasters

beads ornaments

Perler Beads

Perler Beads Jar


These colorful shapes are lovely, aren’t they? These perler beads make for a lovely no-mess afternoon crafting, and I highly recommend them. They are inexpensive and you can order online.

You’ll need to buy 3 things:
the above perler beads, pin board shapes, and perler beads iron-on sheets.


For more info on how to iron them together, read the tutorial to make play food for zhu zhu pets.

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