Beading Technique: How To Knot a Pearl Necklace

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Last week, I went to the Saturday market in a little neighboring town called Civita Castellana, Besides being a hub for artisan ceramics, this town was actually founded on the fact that it was the perfect stop between Florence and Rome.


On the grounds of this ancient trading place, today is still a very large Saturday market where all kinds of goods from neighboring villages and cities are sold. So, on this lovely market, I discovered an amazing jewelry beads supplier.  A very kind man from a far away place. And his shop is loaded with hundreds and hundreds of bead stings and pendants. And, they are only a few dollars each (or rather a few Euro each).

The experienced eye can easily identify the machine made from nature’s own, and at this vendor, you can find both kind of beads.



In my last visit I purchased some fresh water pearls to lessen my thirst for making a romantic, classic string of pearls.  While they are not exactly ‘Mikimoto pearls’-quality, they are nonetheless lovely. As much as I am working behind the scene on designing a contemporary beaded bib necklace, I’m working on this classic also, albeit that I’ll give it a modern twist… you’ll see.



Beading Technique: How to Knot Pearls


If you like me, have never strung a string of pearls, you too would benefit from this ever-so-simple beading technique video I found, on how to knot a pearl.

If you can’t see the video in your RSS reader, just hop over to the site. It’s there:


Where To Get Your Pearls

It’s sad but true that I think the best beads are always to be had in America. No matter if they are Murano-made glass delicacies or South-Pacific harvested pearly beauties, this is where you get the best beads, very inexpensively, and delivered fast.

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