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Sometimes a single piece of furniture defines a whole room. Like with this pretty vintage dental cabinet. It has loads of interesting features including a pretty sea foam green color, funky doors and handles./p>

Because dental cabinets are tall, they typically fit well into tight spaces offering display storage of toiletries, towels and bathroom accessories.

Who would not want a piece of furniture like that?

Photo credit: Erica George Dines for

Like no other color (other than aqua), its pale sea foam green color also instantly says ‘beach’.  Despite the fact that there are no other beach-themed home accessories in this room, amazingly this cabinet creates a beach cottage feel!

DIY: beach cottage

With a mere dash of Sea foam Green Paint

To add that beach-feel to your home, here are some options of where you can buy SEA FOAM GREEN paint. Add dashes and enjoy a fun beach lifestyle. Of course, you need to pick the paint that suits the material and the use of the furniture piece you wish to paint.

For anything metal that needs moisture-resistant, and that’s not too large a piece of furniture, consider this:

For wooden furniture, you can find lots of different brand of paint. Pick paints that are mould and mildew -proof for pieces that are exposed to a lot of moisture. Here’s my pick:

Have fun and bring on that beach life !



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