Make your own Bathroom Mats with Cushion: Great for Knees

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This bath mat is made for new moms and wool washing – crafters alike. We have to spend endless hours on our knees in front of the bath tub to get our lovely ones cleaned. A new mom has a baby or a toddler in the bath, while the wool spinner a load of dirty raw wool fleece. But one thing they will have in common is sore knees!!!

Marzi from comes to the rescue!!! She gracefully designed us super-inventive bath mat which keeps us comfortable, dry, clean and organized. Ta da!!!

chevron bathroom mats with cushion

chevron_bath_mat1This bath mat which hangs over the edge of the bath is features with a few handy pockets. Marzi made hers in popular chevron.

I’m showing her wonderful original video tutorial, but I’m offering you a few alternatives as well. I don’t know about where you live, but here are no $10 shower curtains to buy that are worth having. So if you are like me in love with Amy Butler fabric, we can just order that online instead and go on our merry way.


Make Your Own Bath Mat

Materials Needed

What you’ll need to make this mat is the following:

  • 1/ Laminated Fabric – Buy on Amazon. Either buy an inexpensive plastic shower curtain as Marzi did. Or better: recycle a shower curtain. Or prettier: use a higher-quality laminated fabric.
  • 2/ Velcro, 6 in.
  • 3/ Marzi designed her mat around a foam cushion that measures 1x15x17 inches. Meanwhile, I suggest to consider instead: Poly-Fil Nu-Foam. (Buy on Amazon) .  You can get this pre-cut if you wish, in 14×14 x 2 inches. Nu-foam is actually a ‘foam-alternative’ that resists mildew and is not as flammable as foam. Note that this pillow will be slightly smaller than the pattern, and you will have to make changes in the pattern to allow for this. However, as it is also an inch higher it is also more comfortable. So, win some, lose some.   Actually, Marzi explains her entire ‘how much you’ll need-formula and it will be easy to make the adjustments as needed.
  • 4/ 3 Suction cups Buy on Amazon.
  • 5/ Ribbon, 18 in. – Buy on Amazon.
  • 6/ Wire (optional)
  • 7/ Sewing MachineHave a look and buy on Amazon – We recommend Brother or Janome models.
  • 8/ Good-quality Thread Have a look and buy on Amazon – We recommend Coats.

How to Make this Bath Mat

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

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