Often it is the overall aesthetics of a project that catches my eye, rather than that I’m mesmerized by the complexity of it.

I came across this darling basket crochet pattern made from rope and hemp twine. Looks sophisticated, but is easy enough to crochet your own.

How to Crochet a Hemp-Rope Basket

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It’s designed by Joanne at Craft Passion. There is a whole tutorial on her site, I noticed, but let me give you my 1,2,3 Quick Instructions.

1. Create a magic circle and in it crochet 5 to 7 dc in it, sl st to close the round.

2. For the next row, you will want to start crocheting around the rope. Loop at the pattern in the picture: you can see there is a crochet stitch, and then a space where you can see the rope.

I’d translate this as doing 1 sc into each stitch in the round below and ch 1 between each sc. Sl st. to close the round. Now you should have 2x as many stitches as in the first row.

Continue doing rounds like this till your basket is the desired width.

Note: you’ll eventually need to add 2 – 3 ch between each sc. to go around. Adjust as needed.

2. To creates sides of the basket, don’t increase, but leave the total number of stitches the same. This means that you will want to do a sc after every other sc in the row below, and close the round with a sl st.

3. To create a basket side that is slightly wider at the top, as shown in picture, add a few stitches to every round, at even intervals.

Cast off when your basket is large enough.

Personally I ADORE how she did the handles, which are great optional extras.

Photo Credit: Craftpassion.com. Joanne’s pattern instruction is at Craftpassion.com/2012/07/crochet-hemp-basket.html/2.

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