Fall Balcony: Halloween Display

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This weekend we visited some friends who live in a lovely apartment building downtown Rome. While this is great for catching Saturday night shows and not spending too much time on gardening, it reminded me that high risers need balcony gardening Halloween displays rather than curbside display Halloween ideas.

In our country home here, we’re surrounded by gardens, balconies and have a curbside, so it’s easy for me to share some ideas on how to create some Fall splendor that fits in small gardens, on balconies, as well as in a corner of a terrace.

Here is what I did along out fence to welcome guests with an appropriate Fall display.  For ‘trick or treat’-ers on Halloween, we’ll add a little witch and/or some ghosts that day.

Ingredients for a Simple Fall Balcony Display

All you really need are some plants with flowers (supported with ‘faux flowers so you’re not weather dependent), a couple of pumpkins, pine cones, acorns, and something orange, black and/or spooky. 

Ensure you have both a focal point and a visual path for the eyes to follow. Mix complementary colors and add some white to make the colors ‘pop’.

Here is the result.

pumpkin curb appeal fallbalconydisplay

Like this?

eco rose craft project

Easy Gardening for Kids

I’m sure your kids would love to help putting this little ‘Fall garden’ together. Give them a craft project to do, while you are doing the major designing.

Here’s a eco-craft for kids: making a fall flower from a recycled orange bag and pear sleeve. Roll them up together till they look rosey, and keep the shape in place by putting an elastic band at the bottom. Place the flower into your greenery.

This rose can stay outside in the rain, it won’t fade and you don’t need to water it!

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